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WINDOWS 7 – Review Windows The Next Generation January 21, 2009

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Do not feel the age of Windows Vista has been almost 3 years, if the 2-year Indoneisa still more little ones. For Microsoft age is the time to change Windows Vista and replace it with the New Operating System. Windows 7, so that the operating system that will replace Windows Vista. Until this version of Windows 7 this is a beta version has been tested on the Microsoft partner. For the layman,  from the looking appear changes from the side interface, but not so significantly from Windows Vista. Aero more enhanced features in Windows 7.

Basically, the idea of making Windows 7 comes from the input from the community who need an operating system is easier to use and in the daily work more quickly and efficiently. Technology of the presence of Windows 7 is Windows with Touch technology, which is the operating system that requires no keyboard or mouse. Touchscreen technology which will be carried to give it easy for its users. Of course you must have a screen to be able to take advantage of touchscreen technologies. As the touch screen technology Apple Iphone is simply amazing, because all the user access only located on the touch screen. Be prepared to be on-budget funds to buy a monitor when Windows 7 touchscreen actually released to the public.

According to Microsoft’s website, a lot of new features in the Windows 7. Following a review of the new features of Windows 7:

1. Convenience & Eficience

Windows 7 promises to use the operating system more easily and efficiently. Because this is a foundation to build up this Windows 7. Among the advantages of convenience and efficiency of Windows 7 are:

  • Share Music and Video

Usually when you sharing a file in your Windows, you will be sharing file either single file or folder even partition the drive you .. Windows 7 given an easy in a variety of media that you will be sharing.

  • Windows Touch

Windows Touch functions provide facilities for you to be able to use Windows 7 this practice without a mouse and keyboard. Keyboard and Mouse 2 is a major component in their interaction with your operating system, Windows 7, but the dependence of your mouse and keyboard will be slightly reduced. At the touch of a system such as Apple Iphone, you can play movies or music by using your finger, zooming an image can only rub with your finger. Of course, you must use the monitor for Touchscreen can take advantage of this function. Although there have touchscreen features since Windows 98, but for Windows 7 of course more sensitive and better.

  • Handwritting Recognition Additions

Because the technology is supported with Windows Touch, then you can take advantage of features Handwriting, the writing on your screen, using a special pen. As with the existing screenshoot, the main feature handwritting can be applied for the benefit of the office.

  • Take control of problems

UAC (User Account Control), Windows 7 still maintain the existence of this UAC reap even more criticism on Windows Vista. 7 on Windows, you can control security in accordance with the set you desire. UAC in Windows Vista is a bit more with the users because the message popup that always appear when you perform a certain execution.

2.  Visual Interface

  • Desktop Enhancment

Just like Windows Vista, Windows 7 Aero use Desktop Widgets and also as a complement your desktop. Taksbar form a more condensed with the feel of the Aero (transparency), Customize your desktop and a better support widget-widget that can be placed on your desktop. These features are also found in Windows Vista, and certainly more refined.

  • Theme packages reflect your style

Windows 7 also provides a selection of the style more. Manually if you want to change the visual style, desktop appreance, wallpapers on Windows Vista, you must be a one-mengesetnya individually, on the Windows 7 replacement was performed once. Because Windows 7 provides the theme packages that you can select.

  • Jump Lists

Startmenu the form of Windows 7 does not have a lot of changes compared to Windows Vista, only to documents that you open often can be recorded on the start menu often based on the file / folder you access / use. It appears that features recent document that is always there in the Windows is now more refined.

  • New Way to Work with Windows

This feature is almost the same features with the desktop of Ubuntu. You can do the windows on the windows that are currently used. This feature provides transparency effects that you can adjust the settings on the menu (invisible mode). You can minimize the window and memaxsimize windows with just drag n drop, with a direct window on the windows on the desktop.

3. Performance

  • Better Device Management

Microsoft promised the devices that better in Windows 7 is. Windows 7 provides central control to set the additional equipment that is connected to a computer, such as mouse, keyboar, printer, digital camera, video recorder and other equipment that is connected to the computer.

  • Faster, more responsive performance

Windows 7 promises to speed and performance is better than previous Windows-windows. For the Windows Startup, Shutdown process, the process of hybernation and sleep, and the response at the time multitasking better than previous Windows (yes we are proove it later).

  • Extended Battery Life

Recognizing that development of the Mobile PC that is quite rapid, Windows 7 will provide support for the resilience of a battery that is long enough. This feature can be seen if the laptop is idle (not used) then the brightness will be derived automatically by Windows 7, this will reduce the power consumption of battery on your laptop.

Be honest, if in fact, may be a few new things in Windows 7 is. The light from the Windows 7 Touch is a feature of Windows Aero features and better. Windows 7 is the development of Windows Vista with all the features and functions the same.

You can download the free Windows 7 from Microsoft and can try and feel of Windows 7, although still BETA version. Hopefully only the presence of Windows 7 does not disappoint many people, such as Windows Vista which is very digembar rant Microsoft, but the fact many kekurangnnya.

Reference Source Microsoft and various other sources … 


Free Web Hosting Service January 21, 2009

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The Great Offer from Free Webhosting

Still remember me with an explanation in the posting on the Internet, one of the few contents of the Web Hosting. Hosting is a data storage media on the web server. If you want to create a website and you want to online that website, of course you need a storage media for your website in the computer server (Web Hosting). But you also must have an address or domain for your website, either free or domain that the domain that you buy your own. Or if you need to be able to buy the package and include hosting and domain. For those who do not want to pay to buy the domain and hosting can get both services are free. For free domain usually use a subdomain of the provider of the service (for the domain will be explained in the next posting).

Many in the Internet service provider and domain hosting for free that you can take advantage of, and not a few of them provide extra service for free hosting package. Such as database support and a large amount of space, which sometimes exceeds that of paid hosting. Not all the free hosting service can provide extra service to you, sometimes also the many free hosting service providers that provide services ala measure. You need to know, in choosing a free hosting service providers have a few things you need to note, are:

1. Support Database
Hosting a free course will provide good support for the database, a database that is commonly used MySQL.

2. PHP Script Support
If the provider of free hosting service provides a database, of course will also provide support for the PHP script. PHP is a programming language that is on your website.

3. Control Panel has a good
Control Panel is a mediator to set you media hosting. The free hosting service providers that will give good control panel for you with the support of web 2.0 technology.

4. Extra Services
The more extra services that you get from the free hosting service provider, then the better the service provider. As the support Web Builder, Fantastico De Luxe 1-Click Autoinstaller, FTP account and File Manager, etc..

5. Quota Hosting
Quota is hosting is hosting the large storage capacity and bandwidth offered. The greater capacity will be the better. Free WebHosting average quota to give a greater rather than a paid hosting.

Hosting a free course has some shortages, the name is also free, must have obtained a lopsided back from the service provider, and also some shortfalls of others, including:

1. Commercial Ad from your service vendor

Of course, you must add your website will ditempeli by ads from the provider of the service. Yesterday you can not be removed or modified, and any content you can not control. Indeed, sometimes the ads simply disrupt your website, but there are also some who fit enough for your website, depending on where the free hosting service which you use.

2. Keamanan Data Website Anda

Free hosting will not guarantee security of the data of your website. If you find that the service provider you choose is a fake, and occasionally disappeared from the Internet world, your data will be lost participate. Moreover, the provider of free hosting service is entirely outside the nation (U.S. seems to have not yet). Select the free hosting service providers who already have a name.

3. Support

Free hosting usually does not have support from the service provider, and you can not complain if something happens on your website. You also can not do or question hosting and consult on your website. With a different view in the provider will get support 24 hours a day.

4. Not all support PHP and MySQL

Not all the free hosting service providers provide free hosting package that supports PHP and MySQL, and they only support for a static website only.

If you are confused in choosing the provider of free hosting service, then I will recommend the few free hosting service provider which you can use, including:


Hostingnya very complete package, already supports PHP and MySQL. For more information can visit the site.


Free hosting service provider is worth diacungi thumb. Among the many service providers are similar, the extra services are very satisfactory. Hosting of a quota of up to 5.5 gigabytes of making sub-domains and the rather more support email account. Further information can visit the site.

3. You Can Search in GOOGLE !!!


So choose a free hosting service providers that provide much support for the free hosting package that ditawarkannya. Hosting Free hosting with no less a paid, bids will be hosting a large quota and other support to create a free hosting package should be.

RALLY MASTER PRO – Mobile Phone Games January 19, 2009

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Review and Download Rally Master Pro

Still remember the game Collin Mcraely for N-Gage? This game comes with a fell that is almost the same as the game is. Rally Master Pro will invite you to become a racer Rally, with some crossing the tracks every level. This game is a mobile games Fishlab made with the 3D view is quite cool.

From the name we have been able know that this game is a rally racing game done in the outdoors. You need to record the fastest time to be able to go to the next round. In every race you have to get point-to-point to accumulate at the end of the race in one area. There are areas that you must done it, and in every area there are 8 tracks which must be completed. The track’s consist of 3 types, asphalt for roads, dusty roads, and  snow roads. From the gameplay, the car that you can drive can damaged if hit something or are outside the lines, and can be done to fix the end of race. For the handling is very good, serasa you steer the car itself. Really preoccupy the game.



wanna try??? please  download


Heli Strike 3D – Fishlab Mobile Phone Games January 19, 2009

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Review and Download Heli Strike 3D

Heli Strike 3D, mobile phone games from Fishlab. A combat adventure game that is very exciting for you to play. Java games for mobile phones that already support JAVA 2.0 with screen resolution of 320×240 and 170×220. Among the Nokia N-Series, Sony Ericsson (W850i, W960i, K790, K800, K850, etc.), and other mobile phones that support Java 2.0.

At this game you must complete several missions (total 9 missions) to the level of difficulty is increasing at each level. At the end of the level you have to confront and destroy the leaders of each level has different specifications. To use a helicopter that you can take the upgraded weapon point in each level. That is interesting, you are required to avoid missile a helicopter chase you. On the interface, 3D view of realistic and interesting enough to play on your mobile phone, with the sound effects when you blow up enemy aircraft. Very cool game for your mobile phone.



wanna try??? please  download


Galaxy On Fire – Free Download January 19, 2009

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GALAXY ON FIRE – Fishlab Games for Mobile Phone

Another one FISHLAB games, Galaxy On Fire, a 3D game that is very interesting. Fishlab is one of the vendor of the application for mobile phone games, games that they are very cool, the average quality 3D games with the rather good image.

In the game you will be invited to become a fighter space, there are many missions of this game is essentially you will fight by using the aircraft out space. Your role as a professional pilot who can run mission-a mission to order your client, the level of difficulty will determine the amount of money you would receive. There are 4 areas that you need to explore to find the mission-a mission that is inside. Once you get a lot of money, you can also buy the aircraft and weapons that you will use to fight with the enemy.

From the graphics, this game should very good, 3D effects that have to make if you are in space, all 100persen 3D fighter. Effect meteor and their boom really like the original. the main game is really cool deh. Install this game for mobile phones that support java (tested on Sony Ericsson K810i), for all screen resolutions. For mobile phones that still use the technology JAVA 1.0 can’t run this game, because it can hank. On the news, Galaxy On Fire  version 2 will be released soon, we wait.



wanna try??? please download

coming soon, much moore available games from fishlab…

AVAST AntiVirus 2009 Pro – Free Download January 19, 2009

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Another application to prevent virus attacks, spy, trojan, etc.,  AVAST AntiVirus 2009 Pro v4.8.1282. Antivirus is one of the excellent anti-virus product in the world, capable of handling various kinds of viruses.

This application has 2 main view that is common to use and the use of more (advanced). In the standard mode, the main avast more similar to DVD Player, to the buttons that are used also felt less comfortable. The software provides good protection at the time you do a file transfer, that this is a bit much when it will slow the system to transfer files. Protection for Email is also quite adequate for POP3, SMTP and IMAP accounts.

To update the virus definition can be done through two ways, namely update automatically when you connect to the Internet or update manually through the directory in your computer. The installation software is also very easy.

For more information, you can visit the official website of avast.


AVAST could become an option to keep your computer from virus attacks. Download all files. RAR is, run the file with extension . EXE  to extract a whole.



Song For GAZA – We Will Not Go Down January 18, 2009

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You can burn up our mosques,

and our homes and our schools..

But our spirit will never die..

We will not go down In Gaza tonight..

A song that touches the heart from Michael Heart  for people of Gaza in Palestine there. You can treasure your donation for Palestinian people for the victims of war israel accursed. The song is free and can be downloaded freely. Message from a song, it is expected that after the song, you can donate a little money to give you the people of Gaza who are in need.

Song Lyric :

WE WILL NOT GO DOWN (Song for Gaza)
(Composed by Michael Heart)
Copyright 2009

A blinding flash of white light
Lit up the sky over Gaza tonight
People running for cover
Not knowing whether they’re dead or alive

They came with their tanks and their planes
With ravaging fiery flames
And nothing remains
Just a voice rising up in the smoky haze

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight

Women and children alike
Murdered and massacred night after night
While the so-called leaders of countries afar
Debated on who’s wrong or right

But their powerless words were in vain
And the bombs fell down like acid rain
But through the tears and the blood and the pain
You can still hear that voice through the smoky haze

We will not go down
In the night, without a fight
You can burn up our mosques and our homes and our schools
But our spirit will never die
We will not go down
In Gaza tonight



For your donation, please clik this link DONASI

Save Palestina…Save Gaza…Save Our Brother…

Israel Go to HELL..