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Internet Downloader January 16, 2009

Posted by unohebat in Information Technology, Software.
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World Internet offers a lot of applications or files that can be downloaded from many places. Software such as file-software, music files, video files, movie files, document files, image files and so on. Of course, we can download the file if the file is downloaded to people by related parties. If the file size is relatively small, with the size less than 1MB (<1MB), then of course we can directly download through the browser we use, because the file size less than 1MB be quickly downloaded. Other well as if the file size is very large, for example, the file size of 100MB. If we downloaded directly through a browser, of course the download will take a very long time, if the connection is not yet at the time of the download progress is lost, the possibility that some files have been downloaded we will participate missing. Therefore, we recommend using a special application to download files are large.

Downloader application is called, a special application that handles the process only to download a file on the Internet. Basic application of this route is to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol), where this path is a special lane at the virtual world that is used only for special file transfer, and the first line was built before the birth of HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). By using this application because the FTP path, to be sure the download will be faster than using a browser that is the path of HTTP. In addition, we are in a file download if the connection is lost we can continue the process without a must download from the beginning.

Many applications downloader in the world, their ability is generally the same, but there are some application downloader which can download one file from multiple sources simultaneously, and there is also a downloader application devoted only to download files only, such as YouTube downloader that only a special download video files from the site YouTube.com. The average application downloader is free and can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Here I will cover the application downloader which many public and is used to download files on the internet.




Orbit Downloader is one of the many applications that people use to download the file. Alias is a freeware application for free and can be downloaded from the site http://www.orbitdownloader.com.


2. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM is a downloader application that is fast-downloader than the other. This application is also used most of the people. IDM can download various files, including application and downloader general, the same as Orbit.


3. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

DAP is the general application downloader, you can download various files. DAP and IDM and Orbit downloader is a similar application.




1. Rapidshare Auto Downloader

It is a special downloader application to download files from Rapidshare sharing. Rapidshare is a service provider file storage and sharing files. So set aside the application to download files from Rapidshare, of course you must register a member in Rapidshare.

download Rapidshare Auto Downloader

2. Image Downloader

In accordance with the name, of course this is a special application to download image files on the internet. So we can download a lot of pictures at once on a single source with this application.

download Image Downloader

3. Google Maps Downloader

Downloader application that is devoted to download maps from Google, if you are the Google Earth application can be used to download files that you can use the map on Google Earth and other applications.

download Google Maps Downloader

4. Torrent Downloader

Torrent downloader is a special application to download the torrent files. Torrent file can be in the form of movie files, video files, music files, files, software, mobile files, files and other game console. Torrent file is a file download package that is collected into one, including crack or keygen.

download uTorrent Downloader

5.  Easy Mp3 Downloader

In accordance with its name, devoted this downloader application to download music files (mp3). Of this application can also be a search mp3 files from a website and can be downloaded.

download Easy MP3 Downloader

In fact there are many other applications, not only may I mention one-individually. Applications downloader has special advantages compared downloader general application, that is specifically to handle files and can easily find and download a specific file downloader it. But, of course, this downloader application can only be used to download files only, for other files may not be downloaded.

So choose the appropriate application downloader for you, or if you like, as well as install the application downloader general and specific, but I do not too much, which later confuse your own.





1. frits - January 18, 2009

mantap bro..

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