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Galaxy On Fire – Free Download January 19, 2009

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GALAXY ON FIRE – Fishlab Games for Mobile Phone

Another one FISHLAB games, Galaxy On Fire, a 3D game that is very interesting. Fishlab is one of the vendor of the application for mobile phone games, games that they are very cool, the average quality 3D games with the rather good image.

In the game you will be invited to become a fighter space, there are many missions of this game is essentially you will fight by using the aircraft out space. Your role as a professional pilot who can run mission-a mission to order your client, the level of difficulty will determine the amount of money you would receive. There are 4 areas that you need to explore to find the mission-a mission that is inside. Once you get a lot of money, you can also buy the aircraft and weapons that you will use to fight with the enemy.

From the graphics, this game should very good, 3D effects that have to make if you are in space, all 100persen 3D fighter. Effect meteor and their boom really like the original. the main game is really cool deh. Install this game for mobile phones that support java (tested on Sony Ericsson K810i), for all screen resolutions. For mobile phones that still use the technology JAVA 1.0 can’t run this game, because it can hank. On the news, Galaxy On Fire  version 2 will be released soon, we wait.



wanna try??? please download

coming soon, much moore available games from fishlab…



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