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Heli Strike 3D – Fishlab Mobile Phone Games January 19, 2009

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Review and Download Heli Strike 3D

Heli Strike 3D, mobile phone games from Fishlab. A combat adventure game that is very exciting for you to play. Java games for mobile phones that already support JAVA 2.0 with screen resolution of 320×240 and 170×220. Among the Nokia N-Series, Sony Ericsson (W850i, W960i, K790, K800, K850, etc.), and other mobile phones that support Java 2.0.

At this game you must complete several missions (total 9 missions) to the level of difficulty is increasing at each level. At the end of the level you have to confront and destroy the leaders of each level has different specifications. To use a helicopter that you can take the upgraded weapon point in each level. That is interesting, you are required to avoid missile a helicopter chase you. On the interface, 3D view of realistic and interesting enough to play on your mobile phone, with the sound effects when you blow up enemy aircraft. Very cool game for your mobile phone.



wanna try??? please  download




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