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RALLY MASTER PRO – Mobile Phone Games January 19, 2009

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Review and Download Rally Master Pro

Still remember the game Collin Mcraely for N-Gage? This game comes with a fell that is almost the same as the game is. Rally Master Pro will invite you to become a racer Rally, with some crossing the tracks every level. This game is a mobile games Fishlab made with the 3D view is quite cool.

From the name we have been able know that this game is a rally racing game done in the outdoors. You need to record the fastest time to be able to go to the next round. In every race you have to get point-to-point to accumulate at the end of the race in one area. There are areas that you must done it, and in every area there are 8 tracks which must be completed. The track’s consist of 3 types, asphalt for roads, dusty roads, and  snow roads. From the gameplay, the car that you can drive can damaged if hit something or are outside the lines, and can be done to fix the end of race. For the handling is very good, serasa you steer the car itself. Really preoccupy the game.



wanna try??? please  download




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