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Free Web Hosting Service January 21, 2009

Posted by unohebat in Information Technology.
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The Great Offer from Free Webhosting

Still remember me with an explanation in the posting on the Internet, one of the few contents of the Web Hosting. Hosting is a data storage media on the web server. If you want to create a website and you want to online that website, of course you need a storage media for your website in the computer server (Web Hosting). But you also must have an address or domain for your website, either free or domain that the domain that you buy your own. Or if you need to be able to buy the package and include hosting and domain. For those who do not want to pay to buy the domain and hosting can get both services are free. For free domain usually use a subdomain of the provider of the service (for the domain will be explained in the next posting).

Many in the Internet service provider and domain hosting for free that you can take advantage of, and not a few of them provide extra service for free hosting package. Such as database support and a large amount of space, which sometimes exceeds that of paid hosting. Not all the free hosting service can provide extra service to you, sometimes also the many free hosting service providers that provide services ala measure. You need to know, in choosing a free hosting service providers have a few things you need to note, are:

1. Support Database
Hosting a free course will provide good support for the database, a database that is commonly used MySQL.

2. PHP Script Support
If the provider of free hosting service provides a database, of course will also provide support for the PHP script. PHP is a programming language that is on your website.

3. Control Panel has a good
Control Panel is a mediator to set you media hosting. The free hosting service providers that will give good control panel for you with the support of web 2.0 technology.

4. Extra Services
The more extra services that you get from the free hosting service provider, then the better the service provider. As the support Web Builder, Fantastico De Luxe 1-Click Autoinstaller, FTP account and File Manager, etc..

5. Quota Hosting
Quota is hosting is hosting the large storage capacity and bandwidth offered. The greater capacity will be the better. Free WebHosting average quota to give a greater rather than a paid hosting.

Hosting a free course has some shortages, the name is also free, must have obtained a lopsided back from the service provider, and also some shortfalls of others, including:

1. Commercial Ad from your service vendor

Of course, you must add your website will ditempeli by ads from the provider of the service. Yesterday you can not be removed or modified, and any content you can not control. Indeed, sometimes the ads simply disrupt your website, but there are also some who fit enough for your website, depending on where the free hosting service which you use.

2. Keamanan Data Website Anda

Free hosting will not guarantee security of the data of your website. If you find that the service provider you choose is a fake, and occasionally disappeared from the Internet world, your data will be lost participate. Moreover, the provider of free hosting service is entirely outside the nation (U.S. seems to have not yet). Select the free hosting service providers who already have a name.

3. Support

Free hosting usually does not have support from the service provider, and you can not complain if something happens on your website. You also can not do or question hosting and consult on your website. With a different view in the provider will get support 24 hours a day.

4. Not all support PHP and MySQL

Not all the free hosting service providers provide free hosting package that supports PHP and MySQL, and they only support for a static website only.

If you are confused in choosing the provider of free hosting service, then I will recommend the few free hosting service provider which you can use, including:


Hostingnya very complete package, already supports PHP and MySQL. For more information can visit the site.


Free hosting service provider is worth diacungi thumb. Among the many service providers are similar, the extra services are very satisfactory. Hosting of a quota of up to 5.5 gigabytes of making sub-domains and the rather more support email account. Further information can visit the site.

3. You Can Search in GOOGLE !!!


So choose a free hosting service providers that provide much support for the free hosting package that ditawarkannya. Hosting Free hosting with no less a paid, bids will be hosting a large quota and other support to create a free hosting package should be.



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