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WINDOWS 7 – Review Windows The Next Generation January 21, 2009

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Do not feel the age of Windows Vista has been almost 3 years, if the 2-year Indoneisa still more little ones. For Microsoft age is the time to change Windows Vista and replace it with the New Operating System. Windows 7, so that the operating system that will replace Windows Vista. Until this version of Windows 7 this is a beta version has been tested on the Microsoft partner. For the layman,  from the looking appear changes from the side interface, but not so significantly from Windows Vista. Aero more enhanced features in Windows 7.

Basically, the idea of making Windows 7 comes from the input from the community who need an operating system is easier to use and in the daily work more quickly and efficiently. Technology of the presence of Windows 7 is Windows with Touch technology, which is the operating system that requires no keyboard or mouse. Touchscreen technology which will be carried to give it easy for its users. Of course you must have a screen to be able to take advantage of touchscreen technologies. As the touch screen technology Apple Iphone is simply amazing, because all the user access only located on the touch screen. Be prepared to be on-budget funds to buy a monitor when Windows 7 touchscreen actually released to the public.

According to Microsoft’s website, a lot of new features in the Windows 7. Following a review of the new features of Windows 7:

1. Convenience & Eficience

Windows 7 promises to use the operating system more easily and efficiently. Because this is a foundation to build up this Windows 7. Among the advantages of convenience and efficiency of Windows 7 are:

  • Share Music and Video

Usually when you sharing a file in your Windows, you will be sharing file either single file or folder even partition the drive you .. Windows 7 given an easy in a variety of media that you will be sharing.

  • Windows Touch

Windows Touch functions provide facilities for you to be able to use Windows 7 this practice without a mouse and keyboard. Keyboard and Mouse 2 is a major component in their interaction with your operating system, Windows 7, but the dependence of your mouse and keyboard will be slightly reduced. At the touch of a system such as Apple Iphone, you can play movies or music by using your finger, zooming an image can only rub with your finger. Of course, you must use the monitor for Touchscreen can take advantage of this function. Although there have touchscreen features since Windows 98, but for Windows 7 of course more sensitive and better.

  • Handwritting Recognition Additions

Because the technology is supported with Windows Touch, then you can take advantage of features Handwriting, the writing on your screen, using a special pen. As with the existing screenshoot, the main feature handwritting can be applied for the benefit of the office.

  • Take control of problems

UAC (User Account Control), Windows 7 still maintain the existence of this UAC reap even more criticism on Windows Vista. 7 on Windows, you can control security in accordance with the set you desire. UAC in Windows Vista is a bit more with the users because the message popup that always appear when you perform a certain execution.

2.  Visual Interface

  • Desktop Enhancment

Just like Windows Vista, Windows 7 Aero use Desktop Widgets and also as a complement your desktop. Taksbar form a more condensed with the feel of the Aero (transparency), Customize your desktop and a better support widget-widget that can be placed on your desktop. These features are also found in Windows Vista, and certainly more refined.

  • Theme packages reflect your style

Windows 7 also provides a selection of the style more. Manually if you want to change the visual style, desktop appreance, wallpapers on Windows Vista, you must be a one-mengesetnya individually, on the Windows 7 replacement was performed once. Because Windows 7 provides the theme packages that you can select.

  • Jump Lists

Startmenu the form of Windows 7 does not have a lot of changes compared to Windows Vista, only to documents that you open often can be recorded on the start menu often based on the file / folder you access / use. It appears that features recent document that is always there in the Windows is now more refined.

  • New Way to Work with Windows

This feature is almost the same features with the desktop of Ubuntu. You can do the windows on the windows that are currently used. This feature provides transparency effects that you can adjust the settings on the menu (invisible mode). You can minimize the window and memaxsimize windows with just drag n drop, with a direct window on the windows on the desktop.

3. Performance

  • Better Device Management

Microsoft promised the devices that better in Windows 7 is. Windows 7 provides central control to set the additional equipment that is connected to a computer, such as mouse, keyboar, printer, digital camera, video recorder and other equipment that is connected to the computer.

  • Faster, more responsive performance

Windows 7 promises to speed and performance is better than previous Windows-windows. For the Windows Startup, Shutdown process, the process of hybernation and sleep, and the response at the time multitasking better than previous Windows (yes we are proove it later).

  • Extended Battery Life

Recognizing that development of the Mobile PC that is quite rapid, Windows 7 will provide support for the resilience of a battery that is long enough. This feature can be seen if the laptop is idle (not used) then the brightness will be derived automatically by Windows 7, this will reduce the power consumption of battery on your laptop.

Be honest, if in fact, may be a few new things in Windows 7 is. The light from the Windows 7 Touch is a feature of Windows Aero features and better. Windows 7 is the development of Windows Vista with all the features and functions the same.

You can download the free Windows 7 from Microsoft and can try and feel of Windows 7, although still BETA version. Hopefully only the presence of Windows 7 does not disappoint many people, such as Windows Vista which is very digembar rant Microsoft, but the fact many kekurangnnya.

Reference Source Microsoft and various other sources … 



1. crossfire - January 23, 2009

Yes we are waiting for Windows 7. On the explanation, Windows 7 giving better performance and better display.
Hope this Windows is better than Vista.

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