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Know About Your Computer Part (Memory) – part.4 January 11, 2009

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Let us continue the discussion on the next Main Memory and called RAM (Random Access Memory). Memory is only as a remembrance of the man has a function to run applications on the computer. Before a processor execute a command or execute the application, it will be placed in the memory, where later the processor will take the data from the memory. Memory has a primary function to keep a registers file or program that will be executed. Now we are home-your memory is a human being, to lift a load  50 kg or to remember the 200 page book, of course this can only be done by adults, children would not be able to lift the burden  50kg or remember the book  200halaman. This is represented by the size / capacity of a memory. The greater capacity of a memory would be better.

See the red-marked, it indicates that the memory capacity is 1 GigaByte (GB) or equal to 1000MB. 1GB memory size to at this time is sufficient to your needs in a computer unless you use a computer for gaming and animation, it takes more memory of course. To provide each mainboard memory slot between 2 slot to slot 4. Memory own bebarapa there is the type of development until now.

From the top of the order is a precursor to the form of memory, such as chipsets (IC) with a capacity that is still very low, used in computers relic (old versionl) the form of computer very big size. Then continue to the next generation of memory EDO RAM, is used on the computers of the next generation of Intel 8080, Intel 426 and Intel pentium first generation, the maximum capacity for this type of memory that time around 32MB/chip. Then the next generation memory is SDRAM, with the architect and the more advanced technology, this type of memory used from time to first intel pentium intel pentium to four, with the capacity and speed of data is greater than the previous memory, the maximum capacity that I know about one piece with 512MB maximum speed of 200MHz. And the last until this time is to DDR SDRAM, with the capacity and speed that is better than SDRAM. DDR SDRAM has its own speed different, this is marked with a number stamped on the memory, for the PC2100 is the lowest speed (about 266MHz) and PC 3200 is the highest speed for DDR SDRAM (up to 400MHz). DDR SDRAM and is experiencing growth in terms of speed with the birth of the next variant DDR II. From the architect / of the same, which is to distinguish the speed of the PC 4300 to PC 6400 (try to count the speed of the original, live divided with number 8).

Along with the development of software that requires high-performance memory, the birth of Dual Channel system, the 2 pieces of memory on the same pair mainboard that supports Dual Channel for performance speed is higher again. The highest memory capacity that can be paired on the computer desktop (eg perkeping 2GB multiplied the number of slots is 4) with a total capacity of 8GB.

Up to forget, the last generation of DDR SDRAM memory that is the third version of the DDR 3, with a speed that is higher than DDR 2. For up to at this time does not experience growth, with a maximum capacity of 2 GB one piece . Do not compare with the computer or server computer Mainframe, memory capacity can be up to 16 GB and even more.

Do not forget, for the laptop, memory is also used almost the same as with the desktop computer memory, only the size is smaller. Laptop called SODIMM Memory.

The price of a memory at this time be regarded very cheap, 2 for DDR 1GB capacity only  170Ribu rupiah. For brand of memory is actually the same, like Visipro, Kingston, Apacer or V-Gen all the same, each manufacturer is also removing the extreme versions of the memory that they spend. For warranty, the average warranty memory for life (because memory is often damaged). All you need to note is the size of the capacity and speed of the memory. At this memory with a capacity of 1GB is adequate for standard office and gaming. If at this time it is slow your computer to run applications or a specific game, you have a good idea to add (upgrade) your memory capacity.



Knowing About Your Computer Part (VGA) – part.3 January 8, 2009

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Now it will be discussed on the VGA Card (Graphic Card), the discussion may not be too detailed, the only function/purpose and accessories from the VGA Card. VGA stands for Video Graphics Accelerator which functions as a tool to visualize your computer on the screen, while the VGA Card (Graphic Card) is a card/Video additional device.

A main function of the VGA is to display images from a computer screen on your monitor (LCD monitor, CRT monitors, projectors, etc.). So function VGA is very important in the computer. Imagine if you use a computer but have not shown by computer, the computer can not take advantage of you.

Between VGA monitor and connected by a cable that has a port that is usually shaped standard VGA port, and have also shaped a DVI port, depending on the type of port on your VGA. See Figure VGA port!

An ability VGA usually determined by the size of the memory of the VGA is, in addition to other factors such as width their bus, clock speed, and ability to make color.

There are 2 VGA own version, the version and the version integrated additional card:

1. VGA Integrated

VGA integrated version already on the mainboard of the mainboard-offer integrated VGA, but not all mainboard have VGA  integration, usually for value mainboard (mainboard affordable). VGA integrated this port is located between the port at the back of the mainboard. View Pictures!


Part of the red alert is integrated VGA. The ability of this course, the default VGA standards of course, able to play games that are standard. This is because the VGA is intended for people that are not too important from a performance VGA. Kind of like this VGA integrated Intel GMA 950, Intel X3100, etc.. VGA option is very suitable for the use of the home and office needs. Currently, the maximum amount of memory on an integrated VGA is 1GB, the default is to do around 128MB and 256MB. VGA memory this amount depending on the amount of main memory is used, because the VGA is reducing the number of main memory. Number of VGA memory can be determined according to the desired.

2. Graphic Card (VGA Card)

Is a graphics card that can be purchased for performance/capabilities that are better than VGA integrated. Its function is the same with the integrated VGA, which is the ability to distinguish. Graphic card in the industry dominated by large companies, there are N VIDIA and ATI. Both the technology have each graphic card to remove them, and abilities are not much different (rival each other). Usually people buy an additional graphics card for gaming or graphic design  and multimedia. Game of the existing need a graphics card that has extra capabilities, such as the amount of memory that is big enough. The better a graphics card, the price would also be more expensive. The division of class to have 3 graphics card, the graphics card for the Low-End with the price range of millions 300ribu-1, graphics card with the Mid-End price range between 1 million – 2 million, while the graphics card for High-End with the price of 2 , 5 million  over. Before you buy a graphics card, see the first port on the mainboard you have, whether the port is the port that is AGP or PCI-Express. AGP port for graphics cards used in the computer era and the first port PCI-Express card to a computer at this time.

In addition, on a mainboard that has more capabilities, supports CrossFire technology, the technology to combine the 2 graphics cards into one or more, of course the ability to get better again.

VGA Card port AGP

VGA Card port PCI-Express

VGA Card with CrossFire Technology

So before you decide to use a VGA type you want, first set for what computer you want to buy, whether for gaming or just for the home.

to be continued…


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You plan to buy a computer???

I will give a few tips in buying a desktop computer. Before you buy a computer that you want to use for various purposes, for the purpose of studying, working, design, multimedia, animator etc. Here are tips in buying a desktop computer:

1.) Define your goals and purpose in buying a computer. Function depends on a computer’s hardware specifications computer. If you intend to buy a computer for Gaming, the specification should also be required to follow the development of the game. Following guidelines in buying a computer and the appropriate use of:



Specifications of a PC Gaming be calculated high enough, this was the game-development of the game that requires a higher hardware specification to produce a better and quality. PC Games over the VGA card you want to buy, the better your ability VGA Card, then the better the quality of the game that you will get. Of course, a good VGA card must dibarengi by the other hardware. For the screen size is also better to use the screen is bigger, at least 17 “inch, LCD monitor so that the main choice. To use the voice business is a good speaker, has a channel at least 2.1 with the strength of 30 RMS. Not behind the keyboard and mouse should also be adjusted with the purpose of gaming.

PC GAMING Cost estimates Minimal $700

Estimasi Biaya Minimal PC GAMING Rp.8 juta.



Specifications of a PC’s hardware MULTIMEDIA CPU is not too high, but for a multimedia device that is used must meet the standards of multimedia. To use standard hardware that desktop PC, with the Standard Processor, 512MB Memory enough, secukupnya Harddisk, VGA onboard also, ROOM-DVD, Blue-Ray if possible. Monitor is used at least 17 “inch, depending on your needs, great if you buy a projector and screennya (serasa have its own cinema at home). To complete your multimedia needs, use the speaker okay, use that already has 5.1 channel, 7.1 channel better. Currently, the demand for multimedia, audio standard default of mainboard you buy enough mumpuni. But if you want the sound quality is better, buy extra Sound Card for your audio. Indeed, computers are more expensive in the multimedia enhancements.

Cost estimates Minimal MULTIMEDIA PC $450.

Cost estimates MULTIMEDIA PC (Projector + screen + Speaker 7 channel) $1100

Estimasi Biaya Minimal PC MULTIMEDIA Rp.5 juta.

Estimasi Biaya PC MULTIMEDIA (Projector+screen+Speaker 7 channel) Rp.12 juta.



Specification of this office be regarded computer standards only. Celeron processor also has enough, VGA and Onboard Sound, DVD-Room, Standard Monitor 15 “inch, 80GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, a standard keyboard mouse Cassing. Not a printer you prepare for the purpose of printing the document. Specification is sufficient for the needs of office and lectures such as MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, listen to music and printing.

Cost estimates Minimal SMALL OFFICE PC $260

Estimasi Biaya Minimal PC SMALL OFFICE Rp.3 juta.



For a computer that requires a high specification hardware, almost equivalent to the specification of PC Gaming. A higher specification will be better, such as memory that is used above average (at least 1GB, under Vista 2GB), hard drive capacity is more to save the works and reference designs, etc., with a minimum capacity of 250GB. Moreover, for the purpose of editing the film, of course require more space on your hard disk anymore. To screen at least 17 “inch (widescreen), bigger is better, because the designer and animator can run multiple applications at once in a while. The use of dual monitor is also very possible to improve the performance of the user. Additional devices such as printers and scanner and VGA Card Renderer also needed to optimize the performance of the owner.

Cost estimates Minimal ANIMATOR/ DESIGNER PC $1400

Estimasi Biaya Minimal PC ANIMATOR/DESIGNER Rp.15 juta.


This package is a computer package that allows you to combine to-four of the packages above. Suitable for all that you do not have budget and for what purposes. For a minimal bebudget also can buy a computer this package.

Cost estimates Minimal this PC $200

Estimasi Biaya Minimal PC GADO-GADO Rp.2,5 juta.

2.) Decide that the Budget will you spend in buying a computer. Bijaklah issue in the budget for the purchase of a computer, adjust to the needs and functions that you want. From the budget you have set before you can know the type of computer you want to buy, can also control the expenditure in the unexpected. Like other budget if you want to remove is not limited, buy a computer with specifications at the high. Do not ever ask “Buy a computer so the price is ???”, because it will make people upset that you do. If only I have the budget, such as a computer can do what?. That will be more subtle.

3.) Search reference price from magazines or tabloids, after you determine the budget, the next step is for reference price, can be through the tabloids, magazines or the Internet. Of reference you can select the components of what you get from the budget you have. Try your own write-write, and compare the prices available. Make sure you get a computer with good quality and competitive prices.

4.) Assembly PC or Build Up PC, after you get the reference price and the product, specify whether you want to buy a PC or PC assembly Build Up. Price is different both significant, this is because the PC assembly for you will only get a warranty shop for a year and does not get the software or the operating system, even if it is of course can be pirated. While PC Build Up to the price offered is more expensive, this is because the operating system and software berlicensi default, so the sale price is the price including legal software, and can guarantee Andapun hardware and software in the time period specified by the company (to be 2-3 years).

5.) Ask the people who understand computer hardware, jangan do not be ashamed to ask the people who better understand computer hardware. Ask for opinions on the computer you want to buy.

Pak Mantri

Know About Your Computer Part (Harddisk) – part.2 December 30, 2008

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After reviewed the components of the computer that is the first mainboard, I will now proceed to the next discussion of the components, the name is HARDDISK.

Here’s an explanation from Wiki:

Hard disk or hard drive is a hardware component that stores data and a secondary magnetic disk. Hard disk was first created by IBM engineers, Reynold Johnson in 1956. The first hard disk consists of 50 plate measuring 2 feet (0.6 meters) at speeds rotation reaches 1200 rpm (rotation per minute) with a storage capacity of 4.4 MB. Time of hard disk is now the only width0.6 cm with a capacity of 750 GB. If opened, it can be seen on the hard disk of the end of the arm attached to the plate that can rotate. Data stored in the hard disk will not be lost when the power supply voltage is not given. In a hard disk, usually more than one disk to increase the capacity of data that can be stored. [WIKIPEDIA]

From the description was taken from the Wikipedia site can be taken conclusion, Harddisk storage media is for data, files, softwares installation. So here hardisk very crucial role in a computer. No we can not drive or use a computer. This is because an operating system (Windows XP for example) that is installed on a computer, the data stored in harddisk. Imagine if there is no operating system on your computer, what can you do with your computer? You certainly can not do anything…

Image files, video, music and even applications you use often, the installation files are placed in a hard disk. Hardisk has the capacity manifold, to a hard drive at this time has the largest capacity of 1.5 TB (Terra Byte), or equal to 1500GB (Giga Byte) and with the same 1.500.000MB (Mega Byte). To be able to install an operating system, Windows Vista for example, requires a space of 8 GB hard drive. For other applications are usually smaller than the size of an operating system, except for the games at present requires a lot of disk space.

This is a hard component that is easily damaged when exposed to shock. This is because the hard drive in the disc consists of a plate and pin readers data, where the distance between the needle and plate readers are very close (micron size), and in case of impact or shock can cause the disc can graze. Be careful if a hard drive with empty hands. View images to see in the hard disk.


If the hard disk scratches, can lead to the emergence BAD SECTOR (the hard disk is damaged and can not be legible), and can damage the hard disk, of course your data may be lost.

urrently, data storage media is not limited to the hard disk only. Flash, MMC, Flash Card, Compact Disc and other media also function as storage than hard disk. Harddisk own at this time of the manifold, such as portable hard disk with a smaller size and ditenteng can go everywhere, a laptop-sized hard drive is smaller. Look at picture!

Harddisk Laptop






So, to buy a hard drive, try to fit with your needs. If you use a hard disk to store files or a collection of movie songs that much, can buy the hard disk with a large capacity (500GB for example). If you only use for the purpose of office, word, excel and photos only, buy hard drive size, with a capacity of between 80GB to 160GB (already more than enough). Other well as if you did not make a matter of budget, buy hard disk with a capacity as big.

One more, do not forget to always to backup data that you have the hard drive regularly. My suggest, buy a hard drive for backup capacity in accordance with your needs. Save backup hard drive, and only used if the data are to backup. As early as possible avoid disuatu day crying because you lose the data on your hard drive … (personal experience)…


Know About Your Computer Part (Mainboard) – part.1 December 28, 2008

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Not know then no pity, no pity and not treated, it is not treated then the computer will be damaged.

Here I will share knowledge in introducing the parts (components) that have in your computer (you may have never know that). The more you identify your computer, then most likely you will know the complaints that experienced by your computer, or you can complete your own computer that are problematic.

Next I will explain the main parts of the computer, the computer can make a run as you use now. Hopefully the language that I use to make you understand more.



Mainboard (click image to enlarge)

Mainboard is the main component in your CPU. Mainboard  is the place all the components that make up the CPU an object called a computer. Therefore, the role is very vital for the mainboard by working a computer. Processor, VGA Card, Memory, Hardisk, CD-ROOM, PCI-Card, and other components connected by Mainboard.

The main part of a mainboard, there is:

1. Processor Socket

Slot this function as a place or processor in the brain of the computer CPU. Slot is also diverse, depending on the type of processor you used. Description of the slot will be discussed at the Processor. For more details, see the picture below:


2. Mainboard Chipset

Chipset mainboard is a mainboard from the brain itself, usually consists of 2 pieces chipset, Northbridge and Southbridge. Both work to control the relationship between the components connected to the mainboard and keep them working. Look the pictures!



3. VGA Port

VGA port is a place holder for the VGA card, or additional graphics card. In general, a mainboard has provided graphics card that has been integrated in the board and is located behind the row other port (printer, mouse, keyboard, sound). There are 2 types of place holder for the VGA card, the one manifold PCI-Express (for mainboard at this time) and a more diversified one VGA port (for old mainboard). More information about VGA port and forms described in the VGA Card. For you who want more performance from a Graphic Display slot can add on this, because the graphical display (VGA) capabilities far below VGA Card. Look at pictures!


4. Rear Panel Port

This section is a collection of ports supporting mainboard, such as a USB port, port MOUSE, KEYBOARD port, LAN port, Printer port, GAME console port, FireWire port, VGA port Integrated, port SOUND. Ports are located on the back of the CPU and the location of each other so close. From port-port will connect with other devices such as external speakers or keyboard. Look at pictures!


5. Memory Slot

Memory slot is a place holder for the main memory. Located not far from the processor, precisely under the processor. The amount is at least 2 slot and 4 is the most slot. The more slots you have the better, because the memory capacity that can be hold in the computer can be the greater. The discussion about the more memory is at the memory. View pictures!


6. Slot Power

This section is the place to get a mainboard for power, a place holder for the cable from the power supply. The number of pins in the slot is 24 power units. Located at the bottom of a memory. View pictures!


7. Port Hardisk, CD-ROOM, Floopy

This section is the place to connect a hard drive, cd-room, and Floopy. For hard drives and CD-Room 2 have the option slot, IDE slot that forms the larger and SATA slots which forms smaller. While slot Floopy of almost the same as the IDE slots. View pictures!


8. Port PCI (Expansion Card)

It is the additional port to install the card in addition to VGA-card on the mainboard, such as Soundcard, Modem, LAN Card and others. It is located on the VGA port with a form that is almost the same and are usually white. View pictures!


Such important parts of the mainboard. Mainboard is the most important part of a CPU, caution against a component that is, if one of the components inside is broken, either IC or conductor, transistor, if the damaged or burnt, the mainboard is not be used.

In selecting a mainboard, try completeness provided by the mainboard is quite full, do not terkecoh with the cheap price but the performance generated even disappointing. Mainboard is a good mainboard that has the old age, although other components continue to change, it is expected that the mainboard we have can still be used by other components, which continues to grow. The more expensive price of a mainboard will be the better in terms of performance and duration of use, because we can still upgrade without changing other components that have been mainboard we have.


Wait for the next

Pak Mantri

Caring for the PC with the way Both True December 26, 2008

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Wait presence on the post below. Akan discussed about issues related to personal computers, laptops, and other hardware. It can also make a consultation about a problem on your computer