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Why Our Computer Can Be Hank (stag display) ??? January 15, 2009

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You may never have your computer suddenly mouse on the screen can not be moved (hank )?!?! Yes … it is the computer are called Hank (can not move), and the only way you must restart the computer. How can this happen? Next I will explain why we use computers that can hank.

1. Computers are a burden Weight. Computer specifications with low specification, when imposed for the purpose of computing that can cause very heavy hank, and this is usually the main factors that. For example, we run many applications simultaneously, such as Microsoft Office Word, Winamp, CorelDraw, Photoshop and Photopaint simultaneously, while the computer low specifications. My personal experience, that time I run multiple applications such as above, all of a sudden my computer hank hold off, have a critical critical processor I was burnt.

So use the computer hardware specifications in accordance with the computer. Do not force the computer capabilities.

2. Computers that are too hot.  The temperature on the CPU can also cause the computer to be hank. Use of the many applications simultaneously will require a lot of power from the power supply, processor work will increase. The higher the processor works the heat generated is high. Normal temperature for a processor around 40-60 degrees centigrade, and maximum temperatures around 80-90 degrees centigrade. If summer temperatures exceed the maximum processor, the computer will hank, and your processor can also be burned. If you use the default standard processor refrigerator purchase processor, this is actually cool enough to cool down the computer, the other as if you use the computer for the purposes of weight, then you need to replace the refrigerator with the processor a better (= refrigerator processor heatsinks). Then the temperature to be Cassing own security, the circulation of air should go out really to be, add additional cooling fan, if necessary. The lower the temperature inside the computer Cassing then it will be better.

So check the temperature your computer, make sure the temperature and the temperature on Cassing processor is not too hot, if necessary open Cassing the side of the cover (only one) to keep air circulation smoothly.

3. Hardware that does not Compatible. There are some computer components that are not suitable (compatible), such as the processor does not match the mainboard, VGA or does not match the mainboard, or memory that does not fit with the mainboard. I also have not been what the components can not match, but this possibility is very rare indeed, and I had experienced things like this, that time the old computer is still quite, a AMD Duron processor, when I install Windows XP often hank, then I install Windows ME its no problem. There was also a friend to buy a set of computer, computer hank often, when in fact VGA  it does not match and had to be replaced. Make sure that the components of your computer mainboard  in accordance with the specifications you mainboard. The possibility, at most, incurred as a result of the component that is not compatible the appearance  BLUE SCREEN.

So, first check the specifications of each component of the computer you want to buy / you already have, make sure the components are truly equal and mutual support.

4. Software that does not Compatible with Windows. Applications that you install all the windows do not compatible with your system. There are several software that sometimes conflicts with your operating system, such as the application does not match the version of Windows you use, or the register of the software has been damaged. This can also cause the computer to be hank, because when you run an application that is broken, the computer will begin processing, when the file is not available then the processor will continue to explore so that the computer can hank. There are also some software installed on if he will change the file system of Windows, this is very dangerous, because if the software is removed then the windows file system will also take part erased.

So before you install a software, you should first read the system requirment and guided the instructions when installing the software.

5. Windows File System Erorr. Windows is installed on your computer that have more than one year could be some system files deleted accidentally. Applications that you install and you Uninstall and indirectly also affect the file system on the windows. Register Windows never cleaned the windows can also be damaged. Files pile up a bank and never clean up register will also damage the windows. If the file system on the windows broken, the possibility of computer hank will increase.

So, clean your file system on the windows as you treat yourself, clean the register of applications that are not in use, defrag your disk continuesly.

6. Warning!!! Virus Attack. Perhaps this is often experienced by the people, when the virus has attacked the computer, and computers already in the chronic stage due to virus attack. Prepare your Windows will be broken because of this virus, if the windows file system is broken then the computer will more often hank. Not all computer viruses can cause a hank. Usually a computer hank if we begin the process of eradication of virus in the computer, this is because the virus will protect themselves with the computer hank, so you can not eradicate the virus (for computers that already chronic).

So anticipating since early virus will attack.

So it is like your computer at home can hank, actually still have other things that can cause the computer so hank, only as far as one of my new…


BLOGPINTAR.COM – Share Everything 4 U December 31, 2008

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Take Care Your Computer Hardware (Dekstop PC Edition) December 27, 2008

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Computer as well as humans, need to be treated and conditions to remain fit and fresh in the work. The following are the tips for your own computer to keep your computer stay healthy:

1. Keep Computer Clean

Computer name, also need to be cleaned, just as we need to clean the  myself in the bathroom. Usually the computer in a certain time, whether used or not will be dirty by the dust be naughty, have a good inside and outside. Indeed, there is dust in the Casse the computer can not see us, and we may also gather dust can not enter into Casse. Do not wrong,  dust can enter into Cassing and stick to the computer innards us, and this could result in fatal if we don’t care. Clean the dusts that is on the keyboard, Cassing the outside, monitor, and other parts that are visible from the outside.

Dust through the regular entrance channel or channel power supply fan, see the picture:

backcasse Before cleaning Casse, needs to be equipment such as a screwdriver little paintbrush. To clean up the computer is inside Casse follow the following steps:

A.  Open casse the right side (from front), or the side that is located far from the port-port connection cable. Remember! broken off all the cables connected to the CPU, and take casse to a comfortable place to clean it. Don’t forget, remember, remember the position of the cable, if necessary, and record the image location and position the cable disconnected before. Let confusion for later re-install.

B. Dislodged the cable is in the Casse, power cable and data cable.

C. Remove the Mainboard of the heart-to-day, mainboard is a large board that is the place Cassing to put that cable, to see the picture more clearly.

mainboard1(Be careful in this release mainboard, not to graze by a screwdriver that you use, because it can result in fatal)

D. Once released from Casse, clean with a paint brush carefully, remove all the dust stick to the mainboard is in between.

E.For a more satisfactory results, clean the processor that still stick to the mainboard (part of the fan). see picture


This is the part that we will clean, usually because of dust accumulate between midst fan. This is notwithstanding the smooth flow of fan we freeze processor. Be careful in attempting to fan this processor, the holder can fracture risk. No need to dismantle processor, for which you want to try to please. After the clean install again.

F. After the mainboard is cleaned, it is clear in the dust of the Casse be naughty. Clean in all place.

G. After all the clean, post back to the original position. Go back a note about your positions before the cable is disconnected.

The process of cleaning the computer has been completed.

2. Check cable connection

Usually people like to undermine the position of the cable connected to the computer, such as power cables, printer cables, sound cables, etc.. Connect with bound to each other in order not to fall apart anywhere. USB-cable is bound to fall apart or not known each other can cause connection inside cable(iron) dropouts (the dropouts), but from the outside seems OK. Power cable that supply power to the computer can and can interfere with the stream of the computer.

Remember ..!!! set that cable, and more than that can make a room more beautiful without a cable in any place.

3. Do not Force Computers

Use the computer fair, do not used very continuously, because it can cause the computer can become hot and happening hank (the computer can not be moved while in use). Unless you have additional equipment such as heatsinks are good, a lot of additional fan .. it’s no problem. Customize the program that you use with your computer’s specifications. Do not let the computer with the specifications of hand to mouth you use to run applications such as a heavy CAD, DRAW, 3Dmax, Photoshop, because it can cause your computer and can be Hank-processor can be burned.

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