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WINDOWS 7 – Review Windows The Next Generation January 21, 2009

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Do not feel the age of Windows Vista has been almost 3 years, if the 2-year Indoneisa still more little ones. For Microsoft age is the time to change Windows Vista and replace it with the New Operating System. Windows 7, so that the operating system that will replace Windows Vista. Until this version of Windows 7 this is a beta version has been tested on the Microsoft partner. For the layman,  from the looking appear changes from the side interface, but not so significantly from Windows Vista. Aero more enhanced features in Windows 7.

Basically, the idea of making Windows 7 comes from the input from the community who need an operating system is easier to use and in the daily work more quickly and efficiently. Technology of the presence of Windows 7 is Windows with Touch technology, which is the operating system that requires no keyboard or mouse. Touchscreen technology which will be carried to give it easy for its users. Of course you must have a screen to be able to take advantage of touchscreen technologies. As the touch screen technology Apple Iphone is simply amazing, because all the user access only located on the touch screen. Be prepared to be on-budget funds to buy a monitor when Windows 7 touchscreen actually released to the public.

According to Microsoft’s website, a lot of new features in the Windows 7. Following a review of the new features of Windows 7:

1. Convenience & Eficience

Windows 7 promises to use the operating system more easily and efficiently. Because this is a foundation to build up this Windows 7. Among the advantages of convenience and efficiency of Windows 7 are:

  • Share Music and Video

Usually when you sharing a file in your Windows, you will be sharing file either single file or folder even partition the drive you .. Windows 7 given an easy in a variety of media that you will be sharing.

  • Windows Touch

Windows Touch functions provide facilities for you to be able to use Windows 7 this practice without a mouse and keyboard. Keyboard and Mouse 2 is a major component in their interaction with your operating system, Windows 7, but the dependence of your mouse and keyboard will be slightly reduced. At the touch of a system such as Apple Iphone, you can play movies or music by using your finger, zooming an image can only rub with your finger. Of course, you must use the monitor for Touchscreen can take advantage of this function. Although there have touchscreen features since Windows 98, but for Windows 7 of course more sensitive and better.

  • Handwritting Recognition Additions

Because the technology is supported with Windows Touch, then you can take advantage of features Handwriting, the writing on your screen, using a special pen. As with the existing screenshoot, the main feature handwritting can be applied for the benefit of the office.

  • Take control of problems

UAC (User Account Control), Windows 7 still maintain the existence of this UAC reap even more criticism on Windows Vista. 7 on Windows, you can control security in accordance with the set you desire. UAC in Windows Vista is a bit more with the users because the message popup that always appear when you perform a certain execution.

2.  Visual Interface

  • Desktop Enhancment

Just like Windows Vista, Windows 7 Aero use Desktop Widgets and also as a complement your desktop. Taksbar form a more condensed with the feel of the Aero (transparency), Customize your desktop and a better support widget-widget that can be placed on your desktop. These features are also found in Windows Vista, and certainly more refined.

  • Theme packages reflect your style

Windows 7 also provides a selection of the style more. Manually if you want to change the visual style, desktop appreance, wallpapers on Windows Vista, you must be a one-mengesetnya individually, on the Windows 7 replacement was performed once. Because Windows 7 provides the theme packages that you can select.

  • Jump Lists

Startmenu the form of Windows 7 does not have a lot of changes compared to Windows Vista, only to documents that you open often can be recorded on the start menu often based on the file / folder you access / use. It appears that features recent document that is always there in the Windows is now more refined.

  • New Way to Work with Windows

This feature is almost the same features with the desktop of Ubuntu. You can do the windows on the windows that are currently used. This feature provides transparency effects that you can adjust the settings on the menu (invisible mode). You can minimize the window and memaxsimize windows with just drag n drop, with a direct window on the windows on the desktop.

3. Performance

  • Better Device Management

Microsoft promised the devices that better in Windows 7 is. Windows 7 provides central control to set the additional equipment that is connected to a computer, such as mouse, keyboar, printer, digital camera, video recorder and other equipment that is connected to the computer.

  • Faster, more responsive performance

Windows 7 promises to speed and performance is better than previous Windows-windows. For the Windows Startup, Shutdown process, the process of hybernation and sleep, and the response at the time multitasking better than previous Windows (yes we are proove it later).

  • Extended Battery Life

Recognizing that development of the Mobile PC that is quite rapid, Windows 7 will provide support for the resilience of a battery that is long enough. This feature can be seen if the laptop is idle (not used) then the brightness will be derived automatically by Windows 7, this will reduce the power consumption of battery on your laptop.

Be honest, if in fact, may be a few new things in Windows 7 is. The light from the Windows 7 Touch is a feature of Windows Aero features and better. Windows 7 is the development of Windows Vista with all the features and functions the same.

You can download the free Windows 7 from Microsoft and can try and feel of Windows 7, although still BETA version. Hopefully only the presence of Windows 7 does not disappoint many people, such as Windows Vista which is very digembar rant Microsoft, but the fact many kekurangnnya.

Reference Source Microsoft and various other sources … 


Free Web Hosting Service January 21, 2009

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The Great Offer from Free Webhosting

Still remember me with an explanation in the posting on the Internet, one of the few contents of the Web Hosting. Hosting is a data storage media on the web server. If you want to create a website and you want to online that website, of course you need a storage media for your website in the computer server (Web Hosting). But you also must have an address or domain for your website, either free or domain that the domain that you buy your own. Or if you need to be able to buy the package and include hosting and domain. For those who do not want to pay to buy the domain and hosting can get both services are free. For free domain usually use a subdomain of the provider of the service (for the domain will be explained in the next posting).

Many in the Internet service provider and domain hosting for free that you can take advantage of, and not a few of them provide extra service for free hosting package. Such as database support and a large amount of space, which sometimes exceeds that of paid hosting. Not all the free hosting service can provide extra service to you, sometimes also the many free hosting service providers that provide services ala measure. You need to know, in choosing a free hosting service providers have a few things you need to note, are:

1. Support Database
Hosting a free course will provide good support for the database, a database that is commonly used MySQL.

2. PHP Script Support
If the provider of free hosting service provides a database, of course will also provide support for the PHP script. PHP is a programming language that is on your website.

3. Control Panel has a good
Control Panel is a mediator to set you media hosting. The free hosting service providers that will give good control panel for you with the support of web 2.0 technology.

4. Extra Services
The more extra services that you get from the free hosting service provider, then the better the service provider. As the support Web Builder, Fantastico De Luxe 1-Click Autoinstaller, FTP account and File Manager, etc..

5. Quota Hosting
Quota is hosting is hosting the large storage capacity and bandwidth offered. The greater capacity will be the better. Free WebHosting average quota to give a greater rather than a paid hosting.

Hosting a free course has some shortages, the name is also free, must have obtained a lopsided back from the service provider, and also some shortfalls of others, including:

1. Commercial Ad from your service vendor

Of course, you must add your website will ditempeli by ads from the provider of the service. Yesterday you can not be removed or modified, and any content you can not control. Indeed, sometimes the ads simply disrupt your website, but there are also some who fit enough for your website, depending on where the free hosting service which you use.

2. Keamanan Data Website Anda

Free hosting will not guarantee security of the data of your website. If you find that the service provider you choose is a fake, and occasionally disappeared from the Internet world, your data will be lost participate. Moreover, the provider of free hosting service is entirely outside the nation (U.S. seems to have not yet). Select the free hosting service providers who already have a name.

3. Support

Free hosting usually does not have support from the service provider, and you can not complain if something happens on your website. You also can not do or question hosting and consult on your website. With a different view in the provider will get support 24 hours a day.

4. Not all support PHP and MySQL

Not all the free hosting service providers provide free hosting package that supports PHP and MySQL, and they only support for a static website only.

If you are confused in choosing the provider of free hosting service, then I will recommend the few free hosting service provider which you can use, including:


Hostingnya very complete package, already supports PHP and MySQL. For more information can visit the site.


Free hosting service provider is worth diacungi thumb. Among the many service providers are similar, the extra services are very satisfactory. Hosting of a quota of up to 5.5 gigabytes of making sub-domains and the rather more support email account. Further information can visit the site.

3. You Can Search in GOOGLE !!!


So choose a free hosting service providers that provide much support for the free hosting package that ditawarkannya. Hosting Free hosting with no less a paid, bids will be hosting a large quota and other support to create a free hosting package should be.

Internet Downloader January 16, 2009

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World Internet offers a lot of applications or files that can be downloaded from many places. Software such as file-software, music files, video files, movie files, document files, image files and so on. Of course, we can download the file if the file is downloaded to people by related parties. If the file size is relatively small, with the size less than 1MB (<1MB), then of course we can directly download through the browser we use, because the file size less than 1MB be quickly downloaded. Other well as if the file size is very large, for example, the file size of 100MB. If we downloaded directly through a browser, of course the download will take a very long time, if the connection is not yet at the time of the download progress is lost, the possibility that some files have been downloaded we will participate missing. Therefore, we recommend using a special application to download files are large.

Downloader application is called, a special application that handles the process only to download a file on the Internet. Basic application of this route is to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol), where this path is a special lane at the virtual world that is used only for special file transfer, and the first line was built before the birth of HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). By using this application because the FTP path, to be sure the download will be faster than using a browser that is the path of HTTP. In addition, we are in a file download if the connection is lost we can continue the process without a must download from the beginning.

Many applications downloader in the world, their ability is generally the same, but there are some application downloader which can download one file from multiple sources simultaneously, and there is also a downloader application devoted only to download files only, such as YouTube downloader that only a special download video files from the site YouTube.com. The average application downloader is free and can be downloaded for free on the Internet. Here I will cover the application downloader which many public and is used to download files on the internet.




Orbit Downloader is one of the many applications that people use to download the file. Alias is a freeware application for free and can be downloaded from the site http://www.orbitdownloader.com.


2. Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM is a downloader application that is fast-downloader than the other. This application is also used most of the people. IDM can download various files, including application and downloader general, the same as Orbit.


3. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

DAP is the general application downloader, you can download various files. DAP and IDM and Orbit downloader is a similar application.




1. Rapidshare Auto Downloader

It is a special downloader application to download files from Rapidshare sharing. Rapidshare is a service provider file storage and sharing files. So set aside the application to download files from Rapidshare, of course you must register a member in Rapidshare.

download Rapidshare Auto Downloader

2. Image Downloader

In accordance with the name, of course this is a special application to download image files on the internet. So we can download a lot of pictures at once on a single source with this application.

download Image Downloader

3. Google Maps Downloader

Downloader application that is devoted to download maps from Google, if you are the Google Earth application can be used to download files that you can use the map on Google Earth and other applications.

download Google Maps Downloader

4. Torrent Downloader

Torrent downloader is a special application to download the torrent files. Torrent file can be in the form of movie files, video files, music files, files, software, mobile files, files and other game console. Torrent file is a file download package that is collected into one, including crack or keygen.

download uTorrent Downloader

5.  Easy Mp3 Downloader

In accordance with its name, devoted this downloader application to download music files (mp3). Of this application can also be a search mp3 files from a website and can be downloaded.

download Easy MP3 Downloader

In fact there are many other applications, not only may I mention one-individually. Applications downloader has special advantages compared downloader general application, that is specifically to handle files and can easily find and download a specific file downloader it. But, of course, this downloader application can only be used to download files only, for other files may not be downloaded.

So choose the appropriate application downloader for you, or if you like, as well as install the application downloader general and specific, but I do not too much, which later confuse your own.



Know About Your Computer Part (Memory) – part.4 January 11, 2009

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Let us continue the discussion on the next Main Memory and called RAM (Random Access Memory). Memory is only as a remembrance of the man has a function to run applications on the computer. Before a processor execute a command or execute the application, it will be placed in the memory, where later the processor will take the data from the memory. Memory has a primary function to keep a registers file or program that will be executed. Now we are home-your memory is a human being, to lift a load  50 kg or to remember the 200 page book, of course this can only be done by adults, children would not be able to lift the burden  50kg or remember the book  200halaman. This is represented by the size / capacity of a memory. The greater capacity of a memory would be better.

See the red-marked, it indicates that the memory capacity is 1 GigaByte (GB) or equal to 1000MB. 1GB memory size to at this time is sufficient to your needs in a computer unless you use a computer for gaming and animation, it takes more memory of course. To provide each mainboard memory slot between 2 slot to slot 4. Memory own bebarapa there is the type of development until now.

From the top of the order is a precursor to the form of memory, such as chipsets (IC) with a capacity that is still very low, used in computers relic (old versionl) the form of computer very big size. Then continue to the next generation of memory EDO RAM, is used on the computers of the next generation of Intel 8080, Intel 426 and Intel pentium first generation, the maximum capacity for this type of memory that time around 32MB/chip. Then the next generation memory is SDRAM, with the architect and the more advanced technology, this type of memory used from time to first intel pentium intel pentium to four, with the capacity and speed of data is greater than the previous memory, the maximum capacity that I know about one piece with 512MB maximum speed of 200MHz. And the last until this time is to DDR SDRAM, with the capacity and speed that is better than SDRAM. DDR SDRAM has its own speed different, this is marked with a number stamped on the memory, for the PC2100 is the lowest speed (about 266MHz) and PC 3200 is the highest speed for DDR SDRAM (up to 400MHz). DDR SDRAM and is experiencing growth in terms of speed with the birth of the next variant DDR II. From the architect / of the same, which is to distinguish the speed of the PC 4300 to PC 6400 (try to count the speed of the original, live divided with number 8).

Along with the development of software that requires high-performance memory, the birth of Dual Channel system, the 2 pieces of memory on the same pair mainboard that supports Dual Channel for performance speed is higher again. The highest memory capacity that can be paired on the computer desktop (eg perkeping 2GB multiplied the number of slots is 4) with a total capacity of 8GB.

Up to forget, the last generation of DDR SDRAM memory that is the third version of the DDR 3, with a speed that is higher than DDR 2. For up to at this time does not experience growth, with a maximum capacity of 2 GB one piece . Do not compare with the computer or server computer Mainframe, memory capacity can be up to 16 GB and even more.

Do not forget, for the laptop, memory is also used almost the same as with the desktop computer memory, only the size is smaller. Laptop called SODIMM Memory.

The price of a memory at this time be regarded very cheap, 2 for DDR 1GB capacity only  170Ribu rupiah. For brand of memory is actually the same, like Visipro, Kingston, Apacer or V-Gen all the same, each manufacturer is also removing the extreme versions of the memory that they spend. For warranty, the average warranty memory for life (because memory is often damaged). All you need to note is the size of the capacity and speed of the memory. At this memory with a capacity of 1GB is adequate for standard office and gaming. If at this time it is slow your computer to run applications or a specific game, you have a good idea to add (upgrade) your memory capacity.


Template for PowerPoint January 11, 2009

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You bored with the default template from the microsoft office powerpoint? I have a little powerpoint template is more interesting and attractive. Slideshow you will no longer boring. Download now!

Due to the size of the rather large file, the file-upload an perkategori will be parsed, I get too heavy to download.

Screen shoot

Please download per-category, download the file will be updated incrementally

* ART MUSIC (14,7MB)


* PowerPoint (3MB)


Update Immediately….

The Ultimate Web Browser (?) January 2, 2009

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Talk about the Internet, surfing in the virtual world not separated from a Web Browser. Web Browser is an application that displays the function and interaction with the documents provided by the web server. Many types of web browser in the world, ranging from Internet Explorer (IE browser), Mozilla FireFox, Opera Browser, Avant Browser, Safari, etc. to Google Chrome (browser’s leader Google). Each browser certainly has advantages and disadvantages.

Next I will show popular browsers are there in the world, but may do all that I know. OK! Here will not be described in length about browsers, the only explanation little only. If you want to download the browser, I will provide a link to download it. The sequence number does not affect anything, good speed and the number of users browsing (just number).

1. Internet Explorer


Microsoft’s browser, has been integrated with the Windows operating system. Browser the most widely used by people in the world, but now its position is threatened. When this latest version of Internet Explorer is IE8 (beta), and will be used in Windows 7.

wanna try??? download Internet Explorer 8

2. Mozilla Firefox


Linux’s default browser, available for Windows. Including one of the browser that many people use. For more information about this browser can visit http://www.mozilla.org. The latest version of this browser is a version 3.

wanna try???  download Mozilla Firefox 3

3. Opera Web Browser


Opera Web browser is one of the fastest browser in the world. FTP integrated with the browser is also used by many people. In fact, I think the features brought by the browser is still better than the browsers other. When this latest version of the opera version of 10, but still alpha. So, I recommend downloading the version 9.

wanna try???  download Opera Web Browser 9.63

4. Safari Web Browser


Apple is the default browser has been available for the Windows operating system. Apple claims that the parties their browser is the fastest browser in the world. But many reports that the browser is still there are many bugs. The latest version of this browser adala Safari 3.1.

wanna try??? download Safari 3.1

5. Google Chrome


Google’s latest browser. Google claims Google Chrome browser is the future, with the excess faster, more concise. By default the browser is using the language of people who download google chrome, so it looks like a similar-google it. But from the reviews that I can, Google Chrome is worth to try. File download is still a installer (so you must be connected to the Internet to install the browser is in full)

wanna try??? download Google Chrome

6. Avant Browser


Just like other browsers, the technology in the Avant browser usung by almost similar with other browsers, such as pop-up blocker, costumize skin, etc.. The Avant browser also claim they are the fastest browser in the world. The latest version of this browser is a version 11.7.

wanna try??? download Avant Browser

8. Maxthon Browser


Maxthon Browser consecutive enliven the web browser market. I also have never tried this web browser, it seems similar to the Mozilla Firefox. No one is your browser to try this one. The latest version of this browser is a version 2.1.

wanna try??? download Maxthon Browser

In fact there are many more browsers, such as Konqueror (Linux browser), and other Crazy Browser…

There is no one you try browsers above. Basically, all the same browser, depending on your choice…


How To Download Video on YouTube?? January 1, 2009

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You know about YouTube???

Of course I do, I do not get YouTube is a online service to store and play video files. Video files that are displayed on YouTube has a format. Flv, the video files that can be played with the Flash Media Player. Various video you can find there, what are the main, live video search that you want. From video clips, video creation own films relic, etc.. Video files can not be downloaded in the markets. There are tricks for downloading video files on YouTube.

If you want to be able to download video on YouTube and play it on your computer. Next I will give an application to download video files. Flv and also a player to play the video file. Two applications are free (Freeware).


To be able to download video, silahkan Download Video YouTube


To be able to play on the computer Download FLV Player

If you are still unclear, please ask….