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You want a mobile phone but with a cheaper price, the second mobile phone  is still to be an interesting alternative for consumers in Indonesia to get a mobile phone with an affordable price. A diverse selection and price are the main factors consumers prefer mobile phones rather than the former new, even to far below the quality of new mobile phone. Not many consumers are also the result of misguided buy used mobile phones, such as mobile phones that can easily be damaged. Besides lack of buying a mobile phone used in the completeness and the warranty card is not available.

Although the quality of the phone to the former is far under the new phone, not a few also have a mobile phone used dipasaran still have good quality, depending on the accuracy of the buyer. Here I will give a few tips for buying a used phone, so you are not disappointed because in future day to buy used mobile phones. Indeed, there is no fool to buy a second mobile phone, your home carefully before purchase.


That, indeed difficult to get a mobile phone that has used the latest technology, as with other new mobile phone that would have the latest technology. But now the latest technology also can be found on the mobile phone used circulating in the market



There are several types of users is a mobile phone, Office Mobile User want more activities and want to have a mobile phone that is able to make office documents. The second type is the need for mobile phone fans Entertainment mobile, take comfort that love with the music and video, wherever and whenever they are. And third is the type of user, mobile phone photography fans, who love taking pictures object hobby to their satisfaction. Make sure you know what type of phone you need.



When you try to buy the phone to open Casse and see the inside of the phone, make sure the seal that protects skrup still attached, if the seal is skrup cover is damaged, then the phone has been fixed. Note the battery, charger and completeness of such a headset. To match the IMEI number on the board and the IMEI number in the phone type in the code * # 06 #. One indicator is still well used a mobile phone if the phone is used is still full of all equipment.



Used a mobile phone is still authorized warranty, usually higher price rather than the former mobile phone there is no guarantee. Used a mobile phone is still authorized warranty will make you calm, as if any damage then you can return it to service center. This factor is also one of indicators that the phone is still a good second-hand. If the phone is not used to have authorized warranty, ask for warranty shops, stores usually provide warranty sunday between 1 month to 1. The old store warranty that you get the good.



When buying a used mobile phone, make sure you examine the mobile phone is used. Rigorous physical shape overall, from the phone body, whether there is a defect on the outside of the phone. Check the phone to receive calls and make outgoing calls, do not have too stingy with your balance, try to call and chat, make sure that the speakers and microphone are still functioning well. To check the condition of the engine is rather difficult for the Sony Ericsson brand mobile phones could undertake hardware phone use by typing the command josystik [+ stars + left + right right right + stars + + stars]. Phone still in good condition the price would be slightly more expensive second-hand mobile phone rather than another.



In buying a used phone, not only at one store only, if you can ask the mobile-phone is used in some stores, to be a matter of price comparison. Used a mobile phone is still generally good dibandrol with a price slightly higher than the former mobile phone not necessarily conditions.


Used a mobile phone is still OK certainly will have the characteristics, among others, the phone still Kelengkapan complete, the warranty card, the physical condition of the phone is still okay, and the price a little higher over other mobile phone used.

That, please feel free to bid, the phone is used!


Prince of Persia – Mobile Games January 15, 2009

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Download Prince of Persia for Mobile Phone

Game from Gameloft, Prince of Persia, a game similar to the Assassin Creed. Adventure game that attractive, with some level in every mission and the boss will be criminals. At this game you will run 2 characters, prince of persian woman and a witch, at a certain level you will be asked to use alternate second character, the two characters support each other. At the time of your enemies against big boss, 3D effects will be felt. For game control similar to the Assassin Creed. Games for this mobile phone with a screen resolution of 320 × 240. For Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and the mobile phone that has been supporting Java 2.

download Prince of Persia (320×240)


Monopoly Games for Mobile Phone January 15, 2009

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Monopoly Here & Now for Mobile Phone

You are Monopoly Gamers???

Monopoly game since I already have a small, price was around 1500 rupiah one package, so I already forgot the play. Hasbro this time as the vendor issued a game for the mobile version, other than the PC version is already out first.

Game of Monopoly is very interesting and not irksome, ideal at time to accompany you to spare. Moreover, supported with animation that is very attractive, like a pawns move, and other casting dice. Rules can also be modified in accordance with your wishes you. This game is only available for mobile with screen resolution 320 × 240, but can also be played on hanphone resolution 220 × 170 with a screen that is a bit truncated, but not in the comfort of playing.

download Monopoly Here & Now


ASPHALT 4 – Elite Racing – Download Free January 15, 2009

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Download Games Asphalt 4 for Mobile Phone

Series of Asphalt Racing game version 4 (Elite Racing). Like previous versions, the form of the game  is almost the same, where you are required to point as much as possible to raise the level, and the race to open a game that is still locked. Recommended for upgrading the car components are available. This game is a miniature of the game Need For Speed version of the PC and Game Console. You must also select a girl guide with a surplus that is different, like to add NOS, against the police and to get more money. Type any race diverse, ranging from the COP CHASE, Standard Racing, Duel and Drift. For handling less so realistic, with a different racing game output esato enough with the real key is pressed. On the whole, be regarded this game is good.

Games can be played on Sony Ericsson mobile phones, Nokia, Motorola, with a screen resolution of 320 × 240.

download ASPHALT 4 – Elite Racing

Download and extract the files to install in mobile phones…

Assassin Creed Mobile Phone Games January 14, 2009

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Free Download Assassin Creed Games for Mobile Phone

assassin creed

Games is a series of mobile phone version of the adoption of PC-Game and Game Console. For you lovers phone adventure game, this game is suitable fill spare time. From the game simply be regarded variatif and diverting enough, the stage consists of a 9 / level, the level of difficulty easy, medium and hard. From the control  also will not make your joystick damaged, because the player controls the row num-key keypad. Games can be installed on mobile phones that supports Java, such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, etc.. Except for the Chinese mobile phone, even if there is a java support but can not be played. Games are played with a resolution of 170×220 and 240×320 with different stories. Make sure you download in accordance with the screen resolution on your mobile phone.

download game based on the screen resolution:
Assassin Creed (240×320)
Assassin Creed (170×220)

Wait for update-game game for the other mobile phone!!!

Still available  more game exciting…

Nokia N70 & N90 Power Pack January 12, 2009

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Nokia Stuff

Applications, games and themes for mobile phones Nokia N70 and N90, like the other N series. Games and there are two types of applications, games and applications for Java (. Jar), Symbian games and applications (. Sis) …

File download compressed and shaped into several parts, run the first part of the file compress the with extension . EXE to be able to extract the files as a whole.

download Nokia N70 & N90 Power Pack


My Phone Explorer – Sony Ericsson Suite January 5, 2009

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A computer application for manage your Sony Ericsson mobile phone . Application for all types of Sony Ericsson mobile phone. From this application you can also make a call and sending sms. You can also make a backup data on your mobile phone from the Phonebook, sms, note, calendar, task and others. To connect to the Internet can also be done through this application. In fact almost the same functions with the Sony Ericsson PC Suite, but this application is able to read and send sms directly when you are connected to a mobile computer.


download My Phone Explorer new version

this application is Freeware