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Stardock DesktopX 3.10 – Free Download January 17, 2009

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STARDOCK DESKTOPX 3.10 – Review & Download

Another product from Stardock, 3.10 version of DesktopX, is a software on the Customize your Windows desktop. This application provides a different view on your desktop. If you use a desktop at this time it looks only that, the wallpaper and the default Windows taskbar, it’s time you try this one application. The latest version of DesktopX.

Stardock DesktopX will costumize your desktop, start from the wallpaper, icon-icon on the desktop, taskbar and start menu, and the gadgets that can be added to your desktop. This application can do the layout of the menu and icon on the desktop. Startmenu and taskbar can be changed with the view that more interest in accordance with your wishes. Not behind the gadgets that can be placed right on the desktop can fill your desktop. This gadget is similar to the default Windows Vista gadget, such as Calendar, CPU Meter, Newsfeed, RSS Reader, DLL. DesktopX provide a setting for sortchuts document from the file that you have. The point of all up to you.

This program is similar to other desktop programs Customize namely ASTON. There are many desktop options that you can use, if you want to add style to your desktop-style, you can download it on the Stardock site.


wanna try???

please download

Do not forget to backup your file system, to keep in case of damage during the install program. The easiest step for backup is to use the default Windows System Restore



Window Blinds 6.30 – costumize your Windows January 13, 2009

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Free Download WindowBlinds 6.30

You feel bored with the look of Windows so-casually? WindowBlinds is a Customize applications for Windows, and can make your Windows become more interesting. Views from the Windows you will be changed to be more interesting with the theme of this WindowBlinds. WindowBlinds this version supports transparency effects such as Windows Vista. Stardok of a product with a lot of support application that can Customize with WindowBlinds.

Install Windowblinds as usual, and for activation please follow the instructions. By default, the default theme of WindowBlinds is sufficient, but if you want to add themes on WindowBlinds You can download it on the site Stardock.com. From this application you can make settings for the icon-icon and animation effects, background wallpaper, and of course the themes of interest.

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download WindowBlinds 6.30


BLOGPINTAR.COM – Share Everything 4 U December 31, 2008

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