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AVAST AntiVirus 2009 Pro – Free Download January 19, 2009

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Another application to prevent virus attacks, spy, trojan, etc.,  AVAST AntiVirus 2009 Pro v4.8.1282. Antivirus is one of the excellent anti-virus product in the world, capable of handling various kinds of viruses.

This application has 2 main view that is common to use and the use of more (advanced). In the standard mode, the main avast more similar to DVD Player, to the buttons that are used also felt less comfortable. The software provides good protection at the time you do a file transfer, that this is a bit much when it will slow the system to transfer files. Protection for Email is also quite adequate for POP3, SMTP and IMAP accounts.

To update the virus definition can be done through two ways, namely update automatically when you connect to the Internet or update manually through the directory in your computer. The installation software is also very easy.

For more information, you can visit the official website of avast.


AVAST could become an option to keep your computer from virus attacks. Download all files. RAR is, run the file with extension . EXE  to extract a whole.




AVG Internet Security 8.0.200 + Serial (EXPIRES YEAR 2018) January 12, 2009

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Free Download AVG Internet Security

Security package from Grisoft, AVG Internet Security 8, from the complete package including AVG Antivirus, Anti-Spy, Web-Shield to Firewall. Save your computer now. The process is very easy to update, I prefer as AVG Antivirus, is 2 years old and I use AVG until now the security of computer viruses still awake. Of course, virus definition update that continue to be done. For what good anti-virus but have not been updated.  So any antivirus, still required periodic update ..

AVG Lincensi from this year until 2018, 9 years old new again expired. 100% guaranteed work with all the windows system. This Packet very complete!!!

download AVG Internet Security 8.0.200 + Serial (EXPIRES YEAR 2018)

File download deliberately into several parts for easy download in the process, because most of the entire 70MB file. Download all the file compression, file and run the first part with extension . EXE file to extract a whole.

Download PCMAV Antivirus 1.9 January 11, 2009

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PCMAV 1.9 plus Update plus ClamAV


Your computer is infected virus, when you already have, such as AVG Antivirus, Norton, Kapersky? careful local virus attack your computer. Technically, the virus locally or made in indonesian virus usually can not be identified by antivirus popular foreign-made, I can also do How can I known, the virus may be considered inconsequential local time!?!?!?

In fact the local virus even more than the dangerous virus outside, still remember brontok that had become a scourge for your computer? it is one of the virus that can attack your computer and damage your files, including viruses that can damage the register, and the word file into a file folder. scr. Antivirus from outside also recognize this virus, but of course the files that have been infected the virus will be erased when the process took scan progress.

Now you no longer need to worry the virus locally, PCMAV is the answer to thoroughly eradicate the virus that your computer. Thanks a lot for the PC-MEDIA that has been present for PCMAV killing virus. For you who have installed anti-virus computer, would that if with PCMAV.

download PCMAV 1.9 + Update + ClamAV (file size 19MB)

Antivirus for Symbian December 26, 2008

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your phone have problem with a virus???

Please try this one antivirus, Kapersky antivirus for symbian MEdia Net, guaranteed basmi virus on your MEdia Net. Symbian operating system used mostly by Nokia are many viruses that attack, probably because the operating system is the withdrawal, such as the Windows operating system on the PC that is famous enough so that the commercial has a lot of enemies who created the virus to damage the existing system.

Installation simply copy your files. Sis into your MEdia Net, and then install. Antivirus can eradicate this virus, scan the messages that go out, applications or files downloaded from the internet.

Download  Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus