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Free Web Hosting Service January 21, 2009

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The Great Offer from Free Webhosting

Still remember me with an explanation in the posting on the Internet, one of the few contents of the Web Hosting. Hosting is a data storage media on the web server. If you want to create a website and you want to online that website, of course you need a storage media for your website in the computer server (Web Hosting). But you also must have an address or domain for your website, either free or domain that the domain that you buy your own. Or if you need to be able to buy the package and include hosting and domain. For those who do not want to pay to buy the domain and hosting can get both services are free. For free domain usually use a subdomain of the provider of the service (for the domain will be explained in the next posting).

Many in the Internet service provider and domain hosting for free that you can take advantage of, and not a few of them provide extra service for free hosting package. Such as database support and a large amount of space, which sometimes exceeds that of paid hosting. Not all the free hosting service can provide extra service to you, sometimes also the many free hosting service providers that provide services ala measure. You need to know, in choosing a free hosting service providers have a few things you need to note, are:

1. Support Database
Hosting a free course will provide good support for the database, a database that is commonly used MySQL.

2. PHP Script Support
If the provider of free hosting service provides a database, of course will also provide support for the PHP script. PHP is a programming language that is on your website.

3. Control Panel has a good
Control Panel is a mediator to set you media hosting. The free hosting service providers that will give good control panel for you with the support of web 2.0 technology.

4. Extra Services
The more extra services that you get from the free hosting service provider, then the better the service provider. As the support Web Builder, Fantastico De Luxe 1-Click Autoinstaller, FTP account and File Manager, etc..

5. Quota Hosting
Quota is hosting is hosting the large storage capacity and bandwidth offered. The greater capacity will be the better. Free WebHosting average quota to give a greater rather than a paid hosting.

Hosting a free course has some shortages, the name is also free, must have obtained a lopsided back from the service provider, and also some shortfalls of others, including:

1. Commercial Ad from your service vendor

Of course, you must add your website will ditempeli by ads from the provider of the service. Yesterday you can not be removed or modified, and any content you can not control. Indeed, sometimes the ads simply disrupt your website, but there are also some who fit enough for your website, depending on where the free hosting service which you use.

2. Keamanan Data Website Anda

Free hosting will not guarantee security of the data of your website. If you find that the service provider you choose is a fake, and occasionally disappeared from the Internet world, your data will be lost participate. Moreover, the provider of free hosting service is entirely outside the nation (U.S. seems to have not yet). Select the free hosting service providers who already have a name.

3. Support

Free hosting usually does not have support from the service provider, and you can not complain if something happens on your website. You also can not do or question hosting and consult on your website. With a different view in the provider will get support 24 hours a day.

4. Not all support PHP and MySQL

Not all the free hosting service providers provide free hosting package that supports PHP and MySQL, and they only support for a static website only.

If you are confused in choosing the provider of free hosting service, then I will recommend the few free hosting service provider which you can use, including:


Hostingnya very complete package, already supports PHP and MySQL. For more information can visit the site.


Free hosting service provider is worth diacungi thumb. Among the many service providers are similar, the extra services are very satisfactory. Hosting of a quota of up to 5.5 gigabytes of making sub-domains and the rather more support email account. Further information can visit the site.

3. You Can Search in GOOGLE !!!


So choose a free hosting service providers that provide much support for the free hosting package that ditawarkannya. Hosting Free hosting with no less a paid, bids will be hosting a large quota and other support to create a free hosting package should be.


The Ultimate Web Browser (?) January 2, 2009

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Talk about the Internet, surfing in the virtual world not separated from a Web Browser. Web Browser is an application that displays the function and interaction with the documents provided by the web server. Many types of web browser in the world, ranging from Internet Explorer (IE browser), Mozilla FireFox, Opera Browser, Avant Browser, Safari, etc. to Google Chrome (browser’s leader Google). Each browser certainly has advantages and disadvantages.

Next I will show popular browsers are there in the world, but may do all that I know. OK! Here will not be described in length about browsers, the only explanation little only. If you want to download the browser, I will provide a link to download it. The sequence number does not affect anything, good speed and the number of users browsing (just number).

1. Internet Explorer


Microsoft’s browser, has been integrated with the Windows operating system. Browser the most widely used by people in the world, but now its position is threatened. When this latest version of Internet Explorer is IE8 (beta), and will be used in Windows 7.

wanna try??? download Internet Explorer 8

2. Mozilla Firefox


Linux’s default browser, available for Windows. Including one of the browser that many people use. For more information about this browser can visit http://www.mozilla.org. The latest version of this browser is a version 3.

wanna try???  download Mozilla Firefox 3

3. Opera Web Browser


Opera Web browser is one of the fastest browser in the world. FTP integrated with the browser is also used by many people. In fact, I think the features brought by the browser is still better than the browsers other. When this latest version of the opera version of 10, but still alpha. So, I recommend downloading the version 9.

wanna try???  download Opera Web Browser 9.63

4. Safari Web Browser


Apple is the default browser has been available for the Windows operating system. Apple claims that the parties their browser is the fastest browser in the world. But many reports that the browser is still there are many bugs. The latest version of this browser adala Safari 3.1.

wanna try??? download Safari 3.1

5. Google Chrome


Google’s latest browser. Google claims Google Chrome browser is the future, with the excess faster, more concise. By default the browser is using the language of people who download google chrome, so it looks like a similar-google it. But from the reviews that I can, Google Chrome is worth to try. File download is still a installer (so you must be connected to the Internet to install the browser is in full)

wanna try??? download Google Chrome

6. Avant Browser


Just like other browsers, the technology in the Avant browser usung by almost similar with other browsers, such as pop-up blocker, costumize skin, etc.. The Avant browser also claim they are the fastest browser in the world. The latest version of this browser is a version 11.7.

wanna try??? download Avant Browser

8. Maxthon Browser


Maxthon Browser consecutive enliven the web browser market. I also have never tried this web browser, it seems similar to the Mozilla Firefox. No one is your browser to try this one. The latest version of this browser is a version 2.1.

wanna try??? download Maxthon Browser

In fact there are many more browsers, such as Konqueror (Linux browser), and other Crazy Browser…

There is no one you try browsers above. Basically, all the same browser, depending on your choice…


INTERNET – Lightweight explanation about the Internet December 27, 2008

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After reading about the history of the Internet in the previous article, I will now try to explain the glass on the internet according to my eyes and also the terms related to the Internet. This description language according to my own and I expect will make it easier for people to understand the Internet.



As mentioned previously, the Internet is a combination of many computer (Dekstop PC, laptop, mobile phones, gadgets, etc.) that are linked in many networks. Network itself is a combination of several computers connected to each other and can communicate. Well, the set of networks in the world that this is shaping the Internet. When you connect your device on the network, eg your laptop connected in the hotspot network then you have become part of the internet.


Domain is an address of the computer that connected to the Internet. According to the leader Wiki, a unique domain name is the name given to identify the server computer as a web server or email server on the computer network or the Internet. The domain name serves to facilitate the users on the Internet during the access to the server, in addition to also be used to remember the name of the server without having to visit the row number of the complex known as the IP address. The domain name is also known as a union of a website such as “wikipedia.org”. The domain name is sometimes also referred to the term URL, or address of the website. [Wikipedia] In other words, the domain is a diversion from the IP address in the form of numbers that is replaced with the letter so that people remember it more easily. Domain also functions as a home address that is identical with homeless. The domain name itself is divided into several categories according to needs, such as. COM website for commercial,. NET network to the Internet,. ORG for an organization,. BIZ for the company’s business,. CO.ID for companies that are in Indonesia, etc.

Let more easily understand it is only the domain ID card number which we can indicate where the location of our house. Of course, to get this domain we have to pay several tens thousand rupiah, or even up to hundreds of millions of rupiah. For a domain that has not registered we can buy with a price between 80rb-120rb rupiah, depending on what category you choose. While for the domain that has been owned by someone we can have depends on the negotiations.



Here’s an explanation champion Wiki, Hosting is a service that provides internet resources, servers, making it possible to rent the organization or individual to place information in the form of HTTP, FTP, DNS or EMAIL.

Server hosting consists of a combination of server-server or a server connected to the high-speed Internet network. There are several types of hosting service that is shared hosting, VPS or Virtual Dedicated Server, dedicated server, colocation server.

Shared Hosting is a shared hosting server using the same with other users of the server used by more than one domain name.

VPS, Virtual Private Server, or also known as Virtual Dedicated Server virtualization is the process of operating system software environment that is used by the server. Because the environment is a virtual environment, it is possible to install the operating system that can run on other operating systems.

Dedicated Server is the server that is devoted to the application that is larger and can not be operated in a shared virtual hosting or dedicated server. In this case, the provision by the server hosting company that usually works with vendors.

Colocation Server are renting a place to put a server that is used to hosting. Server provided by the customers who usually work with a vendor. [Wikipedia]

Still confused???

Try to imagine you are hosting an Apartment or your own home. Imagine what we have the identity card number of the address, but her house was not there. That means that what we do not have direction. Hosting and domain 2 is unity that can not be separated, so they must have, even though the house still not your own (free hosting) and also a false identity card numbers (free domain), but both still exist. So after we have a domain name, would that we also purchase a hosting (home) we will inside (data / files) that can be visited by people.

Currently, many web hosting package that offers several hosting with competitive price. The price of each package vary depending on the size of the capacity of the house we will buy. The greater capacity of the price will be high. This capacity depends on your needs, how much data you want to share to the people. Hosting of the cheapest prices in the Indonesian rupiah is 1000 with a capacity of 1MB, and unlimited monthly to millions of rupiah. But don’t worry, the free hosting is also widely available here, there, but the new hosting of foreign course that offers free hosting. Of course hosting free hosting with a different pay, you must be one of them willing by their ads, the data can be lost at times and so forth.


Download is a download in the file on the Internet. When we browse the internet, and we find a file, the image files, video files, song files, file the application, the main what we find on the internet we can capture and downloading for our use. The term is called downloading. Fast download slow a proccess depends on the connection speed that we have.

While uploads are downloaded from the opposite, namely that the file will be submitted to a place on the internet world.



According to Wiki, also called the Web browser as  software that displays the function and interaction with the documents provided by the web server. Popular browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Web crawler is the type of user agents are the most commonly used. [Wikipedia]

Browser is a tool we used to go to a certain address in the Internet world. This browser is a bridge between the media with data that someone like him who is in a webserver. Browser duty to visualize data desired by the people into various forms of text such as this paper, the form of an image that ignites in a website (as you see this blog). If it does not have a web browser of course you can not access the blog or other website. Web Browser and the famous are often used by people is Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and others such as Safari, Netscape, etc.

In general, identical to the Internet Website. It is true, because the media is most often used to bridge the entire human world in which there is the internet website. From a website we can provide and receive information and data that is not the amount. But keep in mind that the forms of communication on the Internet is not only located on the website, can also chat, file sharing, and even video streaming.

Start to identify the Internet since early.

History of Internet December 27, 2008

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History The birth of the Internet


Literally, the Internet (abbreviation of the word ‘interconnected-networking’) is a series of computers that are connected in some series. When the Internet (the letter ‘I’ big) is the common computer system, which relate globally and using TCP / IP protocol as the exchange of packets (packet switching communication protocol). The biggest series of the Internet called the Internet. How to connect with kaedah series is called internetworking. [Wikipedia] The center is established on the Internet beginning in 1969 as ARPANET, which was built by ARPA (United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Some of the initial investigation by disumbang the ARPANET including kaedah series of non-central (decentralised network), queueing theory, and the exchange kaedah packet (packet switching). On 1 January 1983, a series of ARPANET protocol switching center, from the NCP to TCP / IP. This is the beginning of the Internet we know today. At around the 1990s, the Internet has grown and the majority of users connect networks of computers. Internet guarded by agreement or bi-and multilateral technical specifications (protocols that describe the movement of data between series). Protocols were formed based on the discussion Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), which is open to the public. This body issued a document known as RFC (Request for Comments). Some of the RFC as Standard Internet (Internet Standard), by the Internet Architecture Board (Internet Architecture Board – IAB). The protocols of the Internet is often used such as, IP, TCP, UDP, DNS, PPP, SLIP, ICMP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, FTP, LDAP, and SSL. Some popular services on the Internet using a protocol on the top, is to email / electronic mail, Usenet, Newsgroups, partnership file (File Sharing), WWW (World Wide Web), Gopher, access session (Session Access), WAIS, finger, IRC, MUD, and MUSH. In between all this, email / electronic mail and World Wide Web is used more often, and more services are built berdasarkannya, such as mailing lists (Mailing List) and Weblog. Internet service allows the current (real-time service), such as web radio, and webcast, which can be accessed around the world. In addition, through the Internet is possible to berkonikasi directly between two or more users through an instant messaging programs such as Camfrog, Pidgin (Gaim), Trilian, Kopete, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. Some Internet service system based on the popular Closed (?) (Proprietary System), is like IRC, ICQ, AIM, CDDB, and Gnutella. [Resource from  Wikipedia]

Making Your Phone Working with Internet December 26, 2008

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Internet can be accessed at this time with the media anything and anywhere, including from your mobile phone supports the GPRS technology, 3G and HSDPA, and even from some mobile phones and gadgets that technology has mengusung wireless connection to stay at the existing connection wirelessnya (HOTSPOT) can directly surf in the virtual world.

Here I will try to introduce the way / guide to internet through your mobile phone with the requirements you have to support GPRS, 3G or HSDPA. This guide is only for those who have not tried the Internet through the phone  don’t know or afraid to spend credits etc..

Steps to prepare your phone ready to be used for berinternet as follows:


  1. Make sure you have a  mobile phone set menu for Internet connection.
  2. Mobile phone brand that will be used and what type of technology has supported the gprs, 3g, HSDPA.
  3. Create your phone setting in accordance with the card (simcard) that you use, because each card has a different setting.
  4. Settin GPRS for each card you have:
  • Mentari Indosat

    Call Center: 222

    Setting GPRS OTA
    Ketik SMS: GPRS‹spasi›MerkHP‹spasi›TypeHP
    Kirim Ke: 3000
    Contoh: GPRS NOKIA N70

    Setting GPRS manual
    Profile Name : INDOSATGPRS
    Homepage URL : http://wap.klub-mentari.com
    IP Address :
    Bearer : GPRS
    User Name : indosat
    Password : indosat
    APN : indosatgprs

    Matrix Indosat

    Call Center: 111 (dr kartu Matrix anda)

    Setting GPRS OTA
    Ketik SMS: GPRS‹spasi›MerkHP‹spasi›TypeHP
    Kirim Ke: 3939
    Contoh: GPRS NOKIA N70

    Setting GPRS manual
    Profile Name : satelindo
    Homepage URL : http://wap.matrix-centro.com
    IP Address :
    Bearer : GPRS
    User Name :
    Password :
    APN : satelindogprs.com

    IM3 Indosat

    Call Center: 300 (dr kartu IM3 anda)

    Setting GPRS OTA
    Ketik SMS: GPRS‹spasi›MerkHP‹spasi›TypeHP
    Kirim Ke: 3939
    Contoh: GPRS NOKIA N70

    Setting GPRS manual
    Access Point Name (APN) : http://www.indosat-m3.net
    Username : gprs
    Password : im3
    Gateway IP :
    Port : 9201 atau 8080
    Homepage : http://wap.m3-access.com

    3 (Three)

    Call Center: 123 (dr kartu 3 anda)

    Setting GPRS manual
    Data Bearer: GPRS
    Access point name: 3gprs
    User name: 3gprs
    Password: 3gprs
    Home: http://wap.three.co.id
    Phone IP Address: Automatic
    Proxy Server Address:
    Proxy port number: 3128

    Telkomsel (simPATI, AS, Halo)

    Call Center: 111 (pascabayar) & 116 (prabayar) (dr kartu Telkomsel anda)

    Setting GPRS OTA
    Ketik SMS: S‹spasi›MerkHP‹spasi›TypeHP
    Kirim Ke: 5432
    Contoh: S NOKIA N70

    Setting GPRS manual
    Connection name: APN Telkomsel
    Data bearer: GPRS
    Access Point Name: telkomsel
    User name: wap
    Prompt password: No
    Password: wap123
    Authentication: Normal
    Homepage: http://wap.telkomsel.com
    Gateway IP address:
    Connection security: Off
    Session mode: Permanent

    XL (Jempol, Bebas, XPlor)

    Call Center: 818 (dr kartu XL anda)

    Setting GPRS OTA
    Ketik SMS: GPRS‹spasi›MerkHP‹spasi›TypeHP
    Kirim Ke: 9667
    Contoh: GPRS NOKIA N70

    Setting GPRS manual
    Connection name: XL-GPRS
    Data bearer: GPRS
    Access Point Name: http://www.xlgprs.net
    User name: xlgprs
    Prompt password: No
    Password: proxl
    Authentication: Normal
    Homepage: http://wap.xl.co.id
    Gateway IP address:
    Connection security: Off
    Session mode: Permanent


    Call Center: 838 (dr kartu AXIS anda)

    Setting GPRS
    Connection name: AXIS
    Data bearer: GPRS
    Access Point Name: http://www.axisgprs.net
    User name: AXIS
    Prompt password: No
    Password: 123456
    Authentication: Normal
    Homepage: http://wap.axisworld.co.id
    Gateway IP address:
    Proxy Port : 9201 atau 8080
    Connection security: Off
    Session mode: Permanent

  • GPRS settings above can be done automatically (OTA) or manual, please select one. OTA is setting gprs settings via sms, so the service will send settingan through sms, so do not need a headache, dizziness again you have to manually setting up, OTA and not charged.
  • After settingan in the mobile phone you’re done, then it’s time to try to make a connection to the Internet. One should not forget, for surfing using third-party applications should be in the settings for the java application to be able to access the Internet. If you use the default browser on your mobile phone, it will not be necessary.
  • You please try to open the Internet, make sure you have enough credit, if I still can not connect to the Internet, please visit each service center.
  • Please note the cost for each service vary, Telkomsel (Rp.5/KB), Indosat – 3 – AXIS  (Rp.1/KB), XL (Rp.5/KB).

    TelkomFlash vs Indosat3G (part.1) December 26, 2008

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    It is so long finally have their own Internet connection also fiuuhhh..

    A futile day monday yesterday to grapari bogor n gallery to indosat depok, directly on the list next day this package.

    Because the search is still a connection provider OK, I try to compare between Telkomflash and Indosat3G, with the unlimited economic package. From the news I heard earlier that telkomflash is very bad, broken connection hold, difficult entry, etc.. So before you take the package  3.6 Mbps to try compared to the first n the better. Next packet data from each provider:

    – TelkomFlash : 125rb/month – speedup 256 kbps (max.32KBps) – unlimited

    – Indosat3G : 100rb/month –  speedup 256 kbps (max.32KBps) – unlimited

    The data is written above indosat3G superior price with a little cheaper than telkomflash (1point to indosat3G). New connection is used for a week in the area of Depok (West Java). He said seh speed depending on location and BTS signal that (GPRS, 3G, HSDPA). MEdia Net connection using a modem with a Sony Ericsson K810i max speed 902Kbps.

    To Telkomflash obtained from the test speed maximum speed of 247Kbps with local ping test (see images from speedtest.net)

    click image to enlarge

    yeah not bad economic package for the download speeds average 32KBps, create or download Torrent files other is rather mild in the cafe, although it must wait 3-4 hours for downloading files over 200MB. Connection is still stable if the 3G network, but I like to move to GPRS so lately.

    While for Indosat3G, from the day before speedtest download speeds are 125Kbps (15 KBps), accidental capture imagenya not so blm not have pictures. In fact only half the speed of telkomflash (1point to telkomflash), and also the 3G signal is not yet stable. Indeed, a fitting connection indosat3G quite slow telkomflash rather, what may be because so many of life, but that period is a lot at any time, when I nyoba morning, afternoon, evening, night, midnight, tetep same later than the telkomflash.

    In fact what I diomongin about the connection I feel telkomflash not. But for other services emang payarh, the balance would ngecek aja I can at all, must wait out billing cycle. Wedeh eerie nek paketnya the broken-down…

    Conclusion Telkomflash while more than indosat3G winning in connection. (Depok region)