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My Phone Explorer – Sony Ericsson Suite January 5, 2009

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A computer application for manage your Sony Ericsson mobile phone . Application for all types of Sony Ericsson mobile phone. From this application you can also make a call and sending sms. You can also make a backup data on your mobile phone from the Phonebook, sms, note, calendar, task and others. To connect to the Internet can also be done through this application. In fact almost the same functions with the Sony Ericsson PC Suite, but this application is able to read and send sms directly when you are connected to a mobile computer.


download My Phone Explorer new version

this application is Freeware


Chatting from Mobile Phone December 28, 2008

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Chatting from your mobile phone??? why not…

Chat is like infectious disease, at this time a lot of people who love chatting on the internet. Media is the main computer via a chat with the chat application from Yahoo that Yahoo! Messenger.

For those who have never been to chat Yahoo, I’ll scout a bit so you can chat on Yahoo Messenger, and do so through your mobile phone.

  1. Create a Yahoo email account which will become your identity chatting in raptures. Of course you need to spend a little time to register via the Internet, can be done in the phone, but it is via computer or in the cafe for example. Please open email address in http://mail.yahoo.com/, select SIGN UP and follow the next steps. After making my email, you can use that account to chat through Yahoo Messenger, of course you need to install the Yahoo Messenger application in the computer, except in the cafe is usually available this application. I do not talk about chat via computer, so here is the explanation, according to the second explanation.
  2. To be able to chat in your phone, you need to install an application that will be used to chat with your Yahoo account. There are many choices this application program, among the most popular is the E-Buddy, Yamee, YMtiny, Morange, etc.. Please download here if you want or you can download directly from your mobile phone. Download E-BUDDY, download Yamee, Download YMTINY.
  3. Make sure setting of GPRS in your mobile phone is ready.
  4. Suggestions I just use E-Buddy, because this application is complete, including emoticons, emoticons that are included with the application Yahoo! Messenger on the computer. The effect is used to balance a bit expensive compared to GPRS Yamee or YMtiny. If you want to use more money YMtinya with the view it is and there’s no emoticon (smiley).
  5. After you download and install it on your mobile phone then you follow the application instructions. Usually you are prompted to enter the account you have on Yahoo.
  6. For E-Buddy you can chat with multiple accounts at once, such as Yahoo and MSN Messenger. This application will free up your GPRS, but still just does not make you bankrupt. From my experience, chat for 2 hours nonstop most credits do not spend less than 300 rupiah (using the card IM3) Rp.1/KB.


Need more explanation??? please post your question…

Setting GPRS Sony Ericsson December 28, 2008

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This is GPRS manual setting on Sony Ericsson mobile phone.
Because sometimes setting the OTA does not work then you should only settings manually. (from personal experience).

2. Select NEW PROFILE, Fill Name: Telkomsel GPRS
3. Connect Using: select New account -> GPRS data
Name: WAP on GPRS
User: wap
Password: wap123
Save changes

4. Back to main menu, INTERNET PROFILE, select the account has been created earlier then click MORE -> SETTING, fill:
Connect Using: WAP on GPRS
Use Proxy: Yes
Proxy Address:
Port number: 8000
Username: wap
Password: wap123
save changes

5. Back to main menu, INTERNET PROFILE, made on the account before select MORE -> ADVANCED -> CHANGE HOMEPAGE, fill:
Name: Telkomsel GPRS
Address: http://wap.telkomsel.com
Save changes


Antivirus for Symbian December 26, 2008

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your phone have problem with a virus???

Please try this one antivirus, Kapersky antivirus for symbian MEdia Net, guaranteed basmi virus on your MEdia Net. Symbian operating system used mostly by Nokia are many viruses that attack, probably because the operating system is the withdrawal, such as the Windows operating system on the PC that is famous enough so that the commercial has a lot of enemies who created the virus to damage the existing system.

Installation simply copy your files. Sis into your MEdia Net, and then install. Antivirus can eradicate this virus, scan the messages that go out, applications or files downloaded from the internet.

Download  Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Opera Mini 4.2 December 26, 2008

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A champion of this issue is the latest version of browser-based mobile phone ver.4.2 Opera. Many of the benefits of this browser that can not be obtained from the default browser on your mobile phone, except for the latest Nokia was include this in the browser package sales. Can be installed in all phone that supports java. This browser works the withdrawal in the computer’s browser, can open all the web that you want, open email, news search, download or just browsing and more.

download by phone:

Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, LG, NokiaN-series, Smartphone, PDA Phone, BenQ Siemens

enjoy it…